Not Dressed By Hillary Supporter Michael Kors, Melania Trump Is Long Time Client

Former Project Runway judge and leading American fashion designer Michael Kors found himself on the hot seat the morning after Donald Trump’s first joint session of Congress. At the event, Melania Trump sparkled in a Michael Kors two-piece black jacket and matching skirt from his spring, 2017, collection. No doubt, the first lady did not bat an eye when she paid for the designer ensemble that retailed a cool $10,000. This morning, Michael Kors issued a statement regarding the first lady wearing his attire. What did Kors have to say?

The New York Times reported that Michael Kors issued a statement that the first lady has worn the American designer’s apparel before. He specifically pointed out that she has shopped at the New York boutique for many years.

“Mrs. Trump has been a longtime client at our New York boutique.”

Ever the salesman, Kors points out how his sparkly design is both glamorous and streamlined, and this design works best for the first lady and her busy lifestyle.

“She has a keen understanding of what works best for her and her lifestyle. My embroidered black suit reflects the streamlined glamour that she is known for.”

In the description of the garment from his spring collection, 2017, there are more details on both the embellishments and where the exquisite fabric was embroidered by talented artisans.

“A black-tie suit, shaped, slit and exquisitely embellished — sexy this season is sly. This neatly tailored dinner jacket is hand-embroidered by artisans in Italy with 3D floral sequins for luxe appeal.”

In contrast, Lois Frankel, Democratic Representative from Florida, sent a letter out to the other women representatives to wear white and to “stand in solidarity with the women of our nation.” As the chairwoman of the House Democratic Women’s Working Group, she wanted to kick off March, Women’s History Month, with the wearing of white, which was worn by suffragettes. All of the women wore white. There is no word on whether this message was sent to either the first lady or to Ivanka Trump. Hillary Clinton had also worn white when she was nominated as the Democratic candidate for president.

As a judge on Project Runway, Michael Kors was known for his dazzling one-liners. Fans of the show might be curious to know if he had some one-liners about Melania’s choice of glittery garment for this professional occasion. Many on Twitter thought that the first lady’s ensemble harkened back to the ’80s show Dynasty, and specifically, Alexis Carrington.

Perhaps Kors felt the need to announce that he did not specifically dress Melania Trump because of the overly-sparkly attire she chose. Had he dressed her, perhaps he would have chosen something more streamlined and basic, without the 3D embellishments and sexy skirt slits. Many others could assume that his need to announce that he did not dress Melania Trump was because he has long been enamored with Hillary.

It is well documented that Michael Kors has been a long-time Hillary Clinton supporter. In 2013, he was privileged to give her the first ever Michael Kors Award for Community Service. Active in the Watch Hunger Stop campaign, Kors literally gushed to Fashionista over Clinton and her years of world-wide community service.

“And you know, when I think about community service, to me no one on this planet has been more about community service than Hillary Clinton. The world is her community. To be able to present that to her tonight, it’s really going to be an amazing night.”

At the event, he gave her a custom made, stylish, but functional watch to honor her years of public service. In hindsight, that is often what people give when someone retires from a job. This was obviously not Kors’ intention.

What did you think of the first lady’s look? Do you feel it was appropriate for this political event? Do you think it is okay for a designer to vote for one candidate, but dress another party’s winner? Share you thoughts and opinions below.

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