Ariel Winter Hits Back At Haters Who Slammed Her Nearly Naked Thong Bikini Photos

Ariel Winter is hitting back at the haters who called her out for her racy and nearly nude recent Instagram uploads.

After posing in a thong bikini and showing off a whole lot skin on social media on several occasions over the past few months, the Modern Family actress is now stripping down to a bikini once again for a new photo shoot for Refinfery29 where she slammed those who put her on serious blast for showing off her body.

Speaking out about the negativity she receives for her often pretty revealing and nearly nude Instagram uploads, Winter admitted that she’s been mercilessly body shamed online but is now learning to ignore the negativity and embrace her curves.

“I went through a lot of hate online, so I tried to change myself for a really long time,” Ariel said of how the comments about her body and her close to naked photos used to affect her. “But people just kept hating on me no matter what I did.”

“I decided that instead of pleasing these other people, I’ll just spend that time pleasing myself,” she continued, referring to her recent slew of close to naked uploads. “Those people are going to be rude to me regardless of what I do, so I should just try and be happy with what I am.”

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“I’ve learned to not care about that as much,” Ariel added. “I’m comfortable in a bathing suit, scars and all.”

But while Winter’s bikini and close to naked photos appear to suggest she’s pretty comfortable with her body despite the haters, Ariel also admitted to the site that she still struggles when it comes to being completely comfortable in her own skin.

“It’s hard to be positive about your body all the time,” said Winter.

“People think I’m 100 percent positive about my body all the time, but I’m not. I get really uncomfortable, too. But I just remind myself that this is the body I was given. This is who I am.”

There’s no doubting that Ariel has made no secret of the fact that she loves to show off her body and a whole lot of skin on Instagram as Winter has posted multiple nearly nude photos of herself posing while rocking a bikini lately.

Just last week Ariel Winter was accused of “embarrassing” her Modern Family castmates after the 19-year-old posted a snap of herself in a thong bikini while planting a kiss on her boyfriend.

Some Instagram users were quick to praise the star for being so comfortable when it comes to her body, though others slammed Ariel for showing off so much skin while those around her were fully clothed.

Ariel has only caused more of a stir online since then, posting a handful of seriously provocative bikini photos that showed her almost naked while pulling down her thong bottoms.

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Ariel posted the close to naked photos to her official account to celebrate Memorial Day and could be seen pulling down her bottoms on the beach while then looking over her shoulder in another shot to show off her thong bikini.

A number of fans slammed the star for appearing nearly naked during the holiday, hitting back at Winter in the comments section of the pictures.

“Just do Playboy and get it over with,” Instagram user @abayford clapped back at Winter while referring to the naked magazine and @carmenafetelor added, “Seriously? Is this who you really wanna be? You’re covering up your beauty with vulgarity.”

But while some fans called out the Modern Family star for her latest bikini photos, others instead spread the love and praised Ariel for showing off some skin.

“You look beautiful babe. Keep rocking it. People will always have something negative to say regardless of what you wear or do. Don’t change who you are,” @marina_jill_valentine wrote in response to Winter’s close to naked photos.

“People are so jealous at how bomb she looks it’s ridiculous. If I had her body I’d proudly show it off too,” @_lillianbliss added of Winter.

What do you think of Ariel Winter hitting back at the haters who called her out over her nearly naked Instagram uploads?

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