Ariel Winter Accused Of ‘Embarrassing’ ‘Modern Family’ Cast After Nearly Naked Thong Photo

Ariel Winter is being slammed once again after continuing her tradition of racy social media posts, this time after baring her butt in a thong in a new image posted to her Instagram account.

Winter, who’s been extremely outspoken about body confidence in the past, gave fans a glimpse at her butt in the latest photo that showed her planting a kiss on boyfriend Levi Meaden and fans are not happy, even claiming the 19-year-old is “embarrassing” her Modern Family cast mates with her skin baring shots and skimpy outfits.

Proving that she’s definitely not afraid to show off a whole lot of skin, the actress had her back to the camera in the new photo and wasn’t doing a whole lot to cover up as she showed her affection for Meaden, wearing nothing but a blue thong bikini while those around her were fully clothed.

“Had the best time in Vancouver with my babe, but also with amazing new friends. Super lucky,” Winter captioned the butt baring nearly nude photo she uploaded on May 24. “Also… those wreck beach stairs though!!!!!!!!”

Winter’s nearly naked photo that gave fans an eyeful of Ariel’s butt divided fans online and caused some pretty polarizing reactions in the upload’s comments section, with one fan even claiming that the actress was “embarrassing” her family and her Modern Family cast mates with her recent flurry of pretty racy photos.

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“You’re embarrassing your family, your fellow cast members and yourself. [You’re] smart, talented and a beautiful human being so show THOSE attributes,” Instagram user @pixiepowell hit back at Ariel over the close to naked photo, telling the actress that they were unfollowing her after her latest upload.

Others were also quick to make it known that they weren’t exactly fans of Ariel’s nearly naked snap and slammed the actress for what they described as her “tacky” display with her boyfriend while giving the world a good look at her butt.

“[Ariel Winter] thrives on the haters, that’s why she posts tacky pictures,” Instagram user @tamara_xo78 wrote of Ariel’s almost naked upload.

“Yes, your body your rules but set a good example for the younger generation that follow you,” @ellie_morris89 then commented on the Modern Family star’s butt baring bikini image. “They will think it’s OK to post stuff like this.”

“A damn shame. Do you EVER wear clothes? Geez” @toddd26 asked Ariel in the comments section.

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But while some social media users slammed Winter for her close to naked display on Instagram, others spread the love for the 19-year-old actress, instead spreading positivity by praising the star for not being afraid to show off her incredible body.

“Nice body Ariel, choose your own journey mate!” Instagram user @keithheysen wrote, praising Winter for having the confidence to post the nearly nude photo. “Amazing figure Ariel” @imsun014 added in support of Winter showing off a whole lot of skin.

“Looking gorgeous Ariel!” @jasmine.vlahos commented alongside a heart emoji.

But while Winter is now being accused of “embarrassing” her Modern Family cast mates after her butt bearing bikini photo, this certainly isn’t the first time the teenager has come under fire for showing some skin.

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After receiving flack for wearing a very glamorous and low cut dress to a recent Modern Family screening event earlier this year, Winter hit back at fans who called her out for her outfit choice after her cast mates attended the same event looking a little more casual and dressed down.

“Why TF does anyone care that I didn’t dress casual like everyone else for the panel?” Ariel asked in a post uploaded to Instagram shortly after the event. “Why can’t people just let other people feel good about themselves and do what they want?”

“WEAR WHATEVER YOU WANT PEOPLE! As long as you feel good about yourself that’s what matters,” Winter continued in her pretty scathing hit back at the haters over her outfit choice. “Don’t ever let anyone stifle who you are and how you express yourself.”

What do you think of Ariel Winter’s latest nearly naked butt baring thong photo?

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