Border Patrol Agent Caught Smuggling Weed, Claims He’s ‘F***ed’

A Border Patrol agent was allegedly caught smuggling nearly 150 pounds of marijuana into the United States on Sunday. According to a federal complaint, all Agent Aaron Anaya had to say for himself was that he believes he’s “f***ed.”

Anaya was discovered when agents assigned to the Southwest Border Corruption Task Force were conducting aerial surveillance in an area about 185 miles southwest of Phoenix. The agents noticed several people climb the fenced border with several large bundles. Agents then spotted Anaya, who was on duty, stop along the fence and retrieve the bundles, the complaint states.

It is unclear whether or not Anaya was the target of the initial surveillance or merely in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The task force reportedly continued to follow Anaya for several hours as he returned to “normal patrol duties.” The agent was later arrested with 147 pounds of marijuana found in three black duffel bags in his Border Patrol vehicle.

When asked if he was willing to speak to the agents without a lawyer present, Anaya commented, “I’m f***ed, you guys got me on video.”

Anaya faces charges of marijuana possession with an intent to distribute, as well as possessing firearms during this alleged offense. The firearms were his Border Patrol-issued weapons.

Yuma Sector Chief Border Patrol Agent Stephen S. Martin said the agency will fully cooperate with investigators, noting in a statement on Tuesday:

”While I am sorely disappointed by the alleged conduct of one of our own, I appreciate the efforts by our law enforcement partners and our own agents to uncover those that violate their oath of office, and hold them accountable for their actions.”

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