Orly Taitz Granted Subpoena For Obama College Records: Explains Significance To The Inquisitr

Wolff Bachner - Author

Nov. 23 2017, Updated 3:18 a.m. ET

The saga over President Obama’s citizenship and his sealed personal records is still with us. Earlier today, the conservative website MinuteMenNews.Com announced that a subpoena filed by lawyer Orly Taitz was granted by the Superior Court of the District of Columbia to obtain the following documents from the Records Custodian at the small California college.

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1) All records related to Barack Hussein Obama, II, also known as Barack Hussein Obama, including, without limitation, application for admission and transcripts.

2) All records related to Barry Soetoro including, without limitation, application for admission and transcripts. The subpoena must be answered by December 14, 2012.

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The article proclaimed to the world in bold capital letters, SUBPOENA GRANTED FOR OBAMA’S OCCIDENTAL COLLEGE RECORDS, andthe author gave the impression that an astonishing ruling was made against the President via Occidental and failed to reveal some crucial information. Although they did say the college has until December 14, 2012 to respond, they neglected to tell readers that subpoenas are granted by the court as a normal part of discovery. Subpoenas are just one of the many common documents issued by courts, and serving one means absolutely nothing unless the court orders the served party to comply.

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Ms. Taitz has served the President, his various lawyers, authorities in Hawaii, and several prominent members of the government with all sorts of subpoenas in the dispute over Mr. Obama’s birth certificate and his eligibility to serve as President. So far, every single one has been dismissed without any evidence being revealed to the court or the American people. Four years of legal hard work by Ms. Taitz and her associates has all gone to naught in the case of Barack Obama’s identity, his personal records and place of birth.

We can argue all day long about who is correct and voice a wide range of opinions pro or con about Obama’s right to seal all his personal records. However, in order to put all the confusion in this particular story to rest, The Inquisitr’s Wolff Bachner spoke at length today with Orly Taitz, Esquire, about the importance of the District of Columbia subpoena and the case against Obama in general. We spoke while Ms. Taitz was driving to her dental practice to treat some of her patients. The talented California attorney is also a respected licensed dentist with a private practice.

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Time and circumstances did not permit us to record the conversation. We will do our utmost to convey the tone of our conversation from pages of rough notes written at high speed as Orly kindly discussed a broad range of important issues.

When asked about the subpoena Ms. Taitz explained that subpoenas were a common part of establishing a case in a court of law and the fact that one was issued by the District of Columbia has no significance in and of itself. She fully expects Occidental to refuse to comply with the subpoena and frankly, she was surprised that MinuteMenNews seemed to think it was a big deal.

Orly discussed her reasons for pursuing a four year case against the President and the various other parties she has taken to court or subpoenaed in her attempt to force the President to prove his identity and unseal his records. She told me that it was a matter of the truth and the right of each and every citizen of the United States to know all the details about the life of any man or woman who wants to serve as President. Her actions are, according to her, in no way surprising or unusual,and are inspired by having spent the formative years of her life growing up under the thumb of Soviet communism. She expressed her belief that freedom is a sacred privilege that every citizen must vigilantly protect and defend.

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I asked Orly about her opinions of the various judges who have consistently ruled against her, the Hawaiian officials who have refused to comply with her subpoenas, and Obama Administration officials she has crossed swords with including the head of the Social Security Administration, Attorney General Holder, and the Postmaster General of the United States. Her response was so blunt that I actually asked her to repeat it. Orly Taitz accused them all of committing treason against the people of the United States by assisting the President in perpetrating a massive fraud on the American people. When I asked her if saying such things caused her to worry for her freedom or safety, she said she had the right to express her opinion under the Constitution’s First Amendment and she refuses to be silenced by threats or intimidation.

Ms. Taitz told me that, after the results of the 2012 election, she was seriously discouraged and almost gave up her legal actions against the President. But, whenever she feels like quitting in her fight to have her day in court and find out the truth about the President’s past, she reflects on the generations of her family who lived under a totalitarian government and she just soldiers on. Orly Taitz said it is up to the American people to demand that our leaders follow a policy of openness and honesty, and to do otherwise is to surrender to tyranny.

Orly Taitz is not an extremist, and she appears to have no personal axe to grind with President Obama. Ms. Tairz said she is afraid for the future of the country as rich and powerful figures work behind the scenes to weaken American pride and sovereignty in order to impose their long dreamed totalitarian one world government on the nation. The United States of America was founded as a constitutional Republic with a limited central government, and Ms. Taitz wants it to stay that way. While some may disagree with her approach, no lover of freedom can disagree with her desire to preserve the principals on which our great nation was founded.


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