Trump’s Obama Announcement A Big Publicity Stunt, Mogul Offers $5M For College Transcripts And Obama’s Passport Application

Trump’s Obama announcement has been revealed, and as expected, it’s much ado about nothing.

In a YouTube video released at 12 pm Wednesday, Trump’s Obama announcement was posted to YouTube, asking for the President’s passport application and college transcripts by 5 pm on October 30. That’s it.

As expected, Trump was unable to dig up any dirt on Obama despite dispatching teams of private investigators to Obama’s home state of Hawaii, and spending considerable time advancing the theory that President Obama had not been born in the United States, also known as “birtherism.”

In the clip, Trump’s Obama announcement is revealed to be another massive waste of time, revealing more speculation about the President’s “lack of transparency,” without any evidence at all that any allegations slung by Trump or his followers amounts to any actual, credible information about Barack Obama’s past, education, citizenship or pre-Oval Office dealings.

Predictably, all comments have been disabled on the YouTube video for Trump’s big Obama “announcement,” during which he claims responsibility for the release of Obama’s long-form birth certificate, or “whatever it may be.”

Should President Obama comply with the request, Trump promises to donate $5 million to a charity of Obama’s choice. (Trump suggests “inner-city children in Chicago” as one of the potential charities.)

In short, the Trump Obama announcement was yet another publicity bid by Trump, and even the mogul’s pals over at Fox News have failed to cover the “media event.”

You can watch Trump’s big Obama reveal, below.