Sean Hannity Claims 'Media Matters' Is Trying To Get Him Fired For Promoting Seth Rich Conspiracy [Updated]

Fox News host Sean Hannity tweeted late Tuesday afternoon that Media Matters For America, a left-wing, non-profit, online company committed to surveilling U.S. based conservative media, is trying to get him fired.

"Mediamatters (sic) is trying to silence me, get me fired, pressure my advertising on radio and TV. Liberal Fascism. I need your help!"
A couple hours before Sean's tweet, Media Matters published a story accusing Hannity of continuing to pursue answers pertaining to the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich, an unsolved crime that in recent days has come under intense scrutiny by the Right, after Fox walked back information given in one of their articles.

The piece in question was published on May 16 and has since been removed due to not meeting "standards of editorial scrutiny." Fox News issued a statement about the removal, though it's appropriate to note that at the bottom of said statement it says they (Fox) intend on continuing to investigate the circumstances surrounding the mysterious murder of Seth Rich, and they will "provide updates as warranted."

Media Matters also points out the fact that Rich's family has made it known they do not appreciate the so-called conspiracy theories going around about Seth. They're also saying that despite this and the retracted article, Hannity and others at Fox haven't slowed down on "aggressively promoting conspiracies" concerning the unsolved murder of Rich.

The conservative news watchdog claims that Fox News' removal of the May 16 article is far from enough to absolve the company from the harm they've already done. The group seems content to place most of the blame on Sean Hannity, even though others have used Fox's platform to speak about the conspiracy theories of Rich's death.

Hillary Clinton tied to Seth Rich murder
Many of those who believe in the conspiracy theories spoken by Hannity about Seth Rich, believe Hillary Clinton had something to do with the young man's death. [Image by Mary Altaffer/AP Images]

Prior to the drama brought forth this afternoon by Media Matters and Sean's tweet, CNN reported that Seth Rich's brother Aaron penned a letter to the executive producer of Hannity, the name of Hannity's Fox News Channel show. In the letter, Aaron Rich beseeched for the late night news host to cease promoting the "vast conspiracy" surrounding his brother's untimely death.

"As the family, we would hope to be the first people to learn about any such evidence and reasons for Seth's death. It is a travesty that you would prompt false conspiracy theories and other people's agendas rather than work with the family to learn the truth."
Sean quoted his own tweet minutes after the initial one in which he asked his followers for help. It appears he's claiming that Rich's mom, dad, and brother asked him to find the truth.
Then, about an hour later, he wrote another tweet, teasing of a "huge announcement tonight."
From this, we can see that despite all the pressure on him to put his beliefs regarding Seth Rich's murder to rest, Hannity doesn't intend on doing that just yet, unless he announces a stop to it tonight.

The Fox News anchor, like many in the public eye, has his share of opponents, some of whom make themselves known by replying to Sean's tweets. There's a group of Hannity-haters who are trying to get the companies that advertise on his time slot to desert him, much like advertisers did to former FNC host Bill O'Reilly upon news of sexual harassment allegations.

According to Salon, after he left Fox, O'Reilly blamed liberals for getting him in trouble with the network. In two of his last three tweets, Hannity has also placed the blame of the scrutiny on him on liberals. "Liberal fascism" and "the liberal effort to silence me," he wrote. His fans no doubt believe him, and considering that Media Matters describes themselves as a "progressive research and information center," does he not have a point? There are countless articles and videos on the organization's website about Hannity, and tons more about Fox News.

Whatever happens with Sean Hannity and Fox, hopefully, Seth Rich's murder investigation gains ground and gets solved sooner rather than later. Conspiracy theories or no conspiracy theories, getting to the bottom of it seems to be everyone's end game.

[Updated on May 24, 2017 11:40 a.m. EST]

Fox News reporter Sean Hannity has been a very busy man since going on Twitter to plead for help on Tuesday afternoon. He also promised a "huge announcement" about Seth Rich, Trump and Russia, liberals attempting to get him ousted, and his future at the Fox network to be given Tuesday night during his show.

People, naysayers and fans alike, may have been anticipating a proclamation that he's leaving Fox, but that's not the case. Hannity did, however, say that he'd be ceasing speculation concerning the unsolved murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich, meaning he will, at least for now, stop entertaining what the rest of the mainstream media is dubbing "conspiracy theories" regarding Rich's mysterious death.

Sean addressed the controversy buzzing around himself, Media Matters, and the Rich family during Hannity. He started by expressing his condolences for Seth's death, then told viewers that he personally contacted the DNC staffer's brother Aaron, who had penned a letter to Hannity executive producer Porter Berry requesting the conspiracy discussions about his brother stop.
"I'm a father. I don't think I'd ever recover from losing a child, or a brother. I honestly don't think I would. I cannot imagine the pain that they are in."
The veteran anchor proceeded to insinuate that although all he wants to do is help the Rich's, he's no longer going to be talking about Seth's murder, at least for now.

"I am not discussing this matter at this time," Sean said.

Hannity didn't hesitate to call what Media Matters is trying to do "liberal fascism." Although he's aware they're actively trying to get him in trouble, he told his audience that he has no plans to stop doing his job and that he'll be around as long as Fox News sees fit.

Tweet Storm

Sean Hannity has also been busy on Twitter ever since decrying Media Matters.
Early Wednesday morning, Hannity tweeted several news articles that tie Media Matters to billionaire globalist George Soros, who is public enemy number one to most conservatives. Soros can be connected to numerous liberal efforts across the globe.
Despite Sean's promise to cease all talk of Seth Rich, advertisers of the show are still receiving complaints about their choice to promote on Hannity's time slot.
It doesn't look like Sean Hannity is going anywhere, much to the disappointment of his critics. Even though he caved with the Seth Rich conspiracy theories, at this time Media Matters is still providing a list of Hannity advertisers to site visitors.

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