Porsha Williams And Kandi Burruss Celebrate Shamea Morton's Birthday

While they almost came to blows on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9 reunion show, it seems that Porsha Williams and Kandi Burruss were able to set aside their differences for at least one night in order to celebrate the birthday of their mutual friend, Shamea Morton. On Saturday night, Shamea, whom viewers saw during the season warn Porsha to not trust Phaedra Parks and then, on the reunion show, lash out at Phaedra for saying that she had a sexual relationship with both Kandi and Todd Tucker, had a big birthday bash in a club to celebrate her 35th birthday.

Porsha posted a photo of herself with Shamea at the club.

Shamea left a comment on Porsha's photo thanking her for coming.

Porsha attended Shamea's birthday party with her younger sister, Lauren. Porsha posted a photo of herself with Lauren inside the venue and wished her a Happy Mother's Day. Lauren appeared on the Season 9 reunion show for a bit when Porsha, sobbing backstage in the aftermath of Phaedra admitting that she wasn't told directly by Kandi that she and Todd wanted to drug and rape Porsha, but simply repeated the rumor, asked for Lauren to help comfort and calm her down.

After Lauren spent some time consoling Porsha, Shamea went to Porsha and said that perhaps she will now believe her assertion that Phaedra is someone she shouldn't be friends with. Porsha, with tears streaming down her face, asked Shamea to simply be present with her at that moment instead of talking about how Phaedra possibly used her to get back at Kandi.

Earlier in the reunion show, Porsha apologized to Shamea for not defending her when Phaedra claimed that she was sexually intimate with Kandi and Todd. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, after the scene of Phaedra claiming that Shamea was having sex with both Kandi and Todd aired, Shamea blasted Porhsa on social media for co-signing a lie.

Yet as the photos from Shamea's birthday party show, it seems that Shamea and Porsha have moved on from the season's drama and are back to being good friends. As the Inquisitr reported last month, Porsha even attended Shamea's traditional Kenyan dowry ceremony.

While Porsha Williams seemed to have a good time with Shamea Morton at her birthday party, it's not clear whether she did the same with Kandi Burruss. Earlier in the day, Kandi, in celebration of Shamea's birthday, posted a slideshow of some of their fun moments together from the past year. Perhaps in reference to all of the drama that resulted from the show, Kandi wrote that "the past year was crazy."

One photo in the slideshow shows Kandi and Shamea at the engagement party that Kandi threw for Shamea. As viewers saw in one episode, Porsha declined to attend that engagement party because of her drama with Kandi, which happened after Porsha criticized Kandi's treatment of Phaedra Parks. Porsha's no-show at the engagement party later prompted Shamea to warn Porsha that she shouldn't get too close to Phaedra.

Later on Saturday, Kandi posted a photo of herself with assistant and friend Carmon Cambrice, whom Real Housewives viewers see from time to time on the show, and another friend at the club.Notably, neither Porsha nor Kandi posted photos of them together at the venue. During the reunion show, Porsha tearfully apologized to Kandi for repeating the rumor that she and Todd had wanted to drug and rape her. Porsha cried that she would have never repeated such a thing if she had known that Phaedra hadn't heard such a claim from Kandi herself. As Kandi screamed at Porsha and Porsha cried, Phaedra remained stoic. At first, Phaedra suggested that she never told Porsha that Kandi had made such a claim directly to her. When it became clear that Phaedra never made it clear to Porsha that the drug and rape matter was just a rumor, Phaedra did apologize to Porsha for repeating something that she heard.

Will The Real Housewives of Atlanta see whether, and how, Porsha Williams, Kandi Burruss, Phaedra Parks, and Shamea Morton move on from the drug and rape claim fallout on season 10? Perhaps not. While Bravo has yet to issue an official statement, Us Weekly reported early last week that Phaedra is not returning for the upcoming season.

[Featured Image via Bravo]