Shamea Morton Lashes Out At Porsha Williams, Kandi Burruss Says Phaedra Parks’ Shamea Sex Claim Is ‘BS’

Did Kandi Burruss and her husband, Todd Tucker, really have a sexual relationship with Shamea Morton? As shown on the latest The Real Housewives of Atlanta episode that aired on Sunday night, that’s what Phaedra Parks claimed during a conversation with Porsha Williams and Sheree Whitfield. After Phaedra claimed that Shamea gets sexually intimate with both Kandi and Todd, Sheree, clearly in shock, asked Porsha if it’s true. Porsha, who is supposedly good friends with Shamea, pretty much didn’t deny. Instead, Porsha seemed to back up what Phaedra said.

Shamea has spoken out about the shocking claim. On Instagram, Shamea denied Phaedra’s claim, dismissing what she said as “a lie.” Shamea also lashed out at Porsha for “cosign[ing]” the lie. Shamea admitted that she’s hurt that Porsha, someone she considers, or perhaps by now considered, a best friend, didn’t stick up for her. Shamea also made it clear that she believes that Porsha broke “girl code” with what she did.

Kandi also denied the claim. When a viewer tweeted that people start telling lies when the hating doesn’t work and that Kandi should just let them talk, Kandi thanked the fan for seeing through the “bs.”

“Thanks for seeing thru the bs”

Shamea was introduced to viewers last season as one of Porsha’s good friends. While Shamea was brought in as Porsha’s friend, it was made clear that she was also friends with Kandi. Shamea is now engaged to be married and clearly, doesn’t appreciate being the subject of such a scandalous claim.

On the latest episode, Shamea was with Porsha when Sheree revealed what went down between Kandi and Phaedra when they met up for dinner, specifically that Kandi alleged that Phaedra was involved with other people even before her now-ex Apollo Nida went to prison. Porsha was visibly angry about what Kandi said to Phaedra as the camera rolled. Porsha, who is now good friends with Phaedra, made it clear that she did not approve of Kandi making such a serious allegation about her good friend.

Later, Sheree and Porsha met up with Phaedra to talk about what Kandi said about her, namely that she was already dating somebody else even before Apollo began his prison sentence, already had somebody she wanted to marry and was just faking how sad she was about his imprisonment. “Oh really?!” Phaedra replied with a roll of her eyes.

Porsha said that she hates out how Kandi and Phaedra’s conversation reached everyone else, including Shamea. Sheree, with a smile, then encouraged Porsha to tell Phaedra more about Shamea. Porsha explained that Shamea has been telling people that Phaedra liked her husband back in the day. Phaedra retaliated by making a shocking claim about Shamea.

“Well Shamea’s been sleeping with everybody else but who talking about that? You know her and Kandi are like this [cross fingers motion]. Her and Kandi are like f**king [finger in hole motion].”

“Wait, Kandi is f**king who?” a shocked Sheree asked.

“Shamea!” Phaedra whispered.

“You a motherf**king liar,” a shocked Sheree told Phaedra.

“You knew that?!” Sheree asked a smiling Porsha.

“They are reaaally close,” Porsha responded.

“But you think that too?” Sheree asked.

“I mean you, she’s close to both of them,” Porsha said.

“Close to her and Todd?” Sheree asked.

“She’s doing both. She’s doing both!” Phaedra added.

In her confessional interview, Phaedra made it clear that she’s hitting back.

“It’s interesting to me that Kandi doesn’t have more to take up her time, like being a mother, than to talk about what she and I had discussed but you know the grave you dig for me, you better dig a double one cause you’ll fall in it first.”

In a prior scene on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Porsha Williams and Sheree Whitfield met up with Kandi Burruss to discuss what she claimed about Phaedra Parks. Kandi denied saying that she actually said that Phaedra cheated on Apollo, pointing out that she only said that Phaedra was talking to others. After Kandi angrily left the meeting, Porsha told Sheree that she doesn’t believe that Phaedra cheated on Apollo. Porsha then lashed out at Kandi for thinking that she knows everything, to which Sheree joked that Kandi must have been hiding in a closet. Porsha then all of a sudden seemed to imply something about Kandi’s sexual orientation.

“She must’ve been in somebody’s closet. Or still in one okay! That’s none of my business.”

“I was just talking about peeking through the keyhole,” Sheree clarified.

“Yeah yeah that too. That too,” Porsha said knowingly.

As the episode aired, Kandi, besides denying Phaedra’s sex claim regarding her and Shamea Morton, also denied once again that she said that Phaedra cheated on Apollo. In response to a viewer who tweeted that it means the same thing whether you use the words “cheating” or “talking,” Kandi disagreed.

“Some people say it’s not cheating unless they actually have sex.So interpret it how u feel.”

On Sunday night, Porsha made it clear that she was on Phaedra’s side when it comes to her drama with Kandi by posting a preview of the episode and hashtagging it “#GirlCode.”

On the prior episode, Kandi, during a dinner meeting with Phaedra, revealed what Phaedra supposedly told her regarding Apollo Nida when they were still friends. Accusing Phaedra of putting up a fake public persona and throwing herself a false “pity party,” Kandi reminded Phaedra that she basically told her that she couldn’t wait for Apollo to go to prison, that she was already talking to other people and that she planning on getting re-married by the new year.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Porsha, in response to that scene, tweeted that “all kinds of girl code have been broken.”

Clearly, though, Shamea Morton believes that Porsha Williams herself is in violation of “girl code” for basically confirming what Phaedra Parks claimed about her relationship with Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker.

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