Cincinnati Boy, 8, Commits Suicide Two Days After Being Beaten Unconscious By Elementary Students

A 8-year-old Cincinnati boy managed to survive a severe beating at the hands of several of his elementary school peers, only to commit suicide later that week as a result of trauma from the frightening experience.

Young Ohio resident Gabe Taye was reportedly discovered hanging from his bunk bed on January 26, according to the New York Daily News, just two days after security cameras at Mary G. Carson Elementary School captured Gabe being brutally assaulted by a gang of boys inside of the school’s bathroom.


In the visual, which has not been publicly released, one of the male school-aged assailants is allegedly seen fighting with another minor, as a group of kids run out of the bathroom in fear.

“The [unnamed] boy,” said to be wearing a red and gray coat, goes on to “hit another boy in the stomach, sending him to the floor [on] all fours,” before seemingly threatening another male student who remained behind from the previous crowd of bathroom visitors.

cincinnatti boy suicide
A young Cincinnati boy reportedly committed suicide two days after being beaten unconscious by students at Mary G. Carson Elementary School. [Image by Mary G. Carson Elementary/Facebook]

“[Gabe] arrives and appears to shake hands” with the boy in the red and gray coat, the Cincinnati Enquirer details, and is then yanked to the wall by the attacker, before falling to the floor, where he “[lays] motionless.”

“For nearly five minutes after that, [other students join in and] step over, point, mock, nudge, [and] kick the [unconscious] 8-year-old. Finally, [Carson Elementary School assistant principal Jeff] McKenzie rushes into the restroom and finds the boy.”

Taye’s mother, Cornelia Reynolds, relayed to local news station WLWT in January that she was ultimately notified by school officials that Gabe had fallen ill and passed out in class, not that he’d been bullied and beaten to unconsciousness by his fellow students.

“Later [that] evening, the boy became nauseous and vomited twice, and his mother took him to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center [to be treated],” the Enquirer further explains.

Gabe allegedly never filled in his mother or doctors — who assumed the child was dealing with a stomach virus — on what actually occurred with him earlier that day. Less than 48 hours later, the young Cincinnati boy would be found dead by suicide inside of his bedroom, hanging by a necktie.

Veteran homicide detective Eric Karaguleff, who was called in by the school to investigate the troubling matter involving Taye, reportedly found the incident to be “troubling,” but ultimately allowed the education institution to work out their own plans for those who were purportedly involved in the school group melee.

Consequently, Carson Elementary chose to close the matter officially just this week, with Cincinnati Police spokesperson Lt. Steve Saunders confirming that the “department concluded its investigation with no further action” for anyone involved.

In a statement of her own, Taye’s mother’s legal counsel, defense attorney Jennifer Branch, expressed on behalf of her client that higher-ups at Carson Elementary are guilty of withholding information that could’ve saved the young boy’s life.


“If the school had told [Ms. Reynolds] what had happened to [Gabe] in the bathroom [and] that he was unconscious for such a long period of time, she would have taken him to the hospital immediately, reported that to the medical professionals, and called [the] police,” Branch remarked.

“[Also, if they] told the doctors what the symptoms were and what had happened [and] shown them the video so they could have seen it, she would’ve called the police because other children [needed] to be protected from what was going on.”

In the sake of transparency, writers for the Cincinnati Enquirer requested for the footage of Gabe’s beating to be released to the public by the school, a request that was reportedly turned down by Carson Elementary heads.

“That’s why this is so frustrating for her,” the Cincinnati lawyer went on to say about the Gabe’s mother and the victim’s eventual suicide, “[because she doesn’t know] what really happened in that school.”

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