‘Reign’ Season 4 Netflix Date Confirmed: Show Streaming In Full In June

Fans who can’t wait for Reign Season 4 on Netflix can now get a date for their diaries. There really isn’t that long to wait now. After already suggesting that a Netflix date would be sometime in June, it is now possible to work out the confirmed date for the arrival of the show in full on the streaming service. That’s all possible now that the series finale date has been confirmed.

The Inquisitr previously shared that Reign Season 4 would be available in full on the streaming service around June 17, 2017. This was based on a series finale date of June 9. After the publication of the article, The CW officially announced that the show would wrap on June 16. This will mean a week break at some point, based on the fact that there are 16 episodes in Season 4. It also means that the Netflix date will be pushed back.

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The CW and Netflix confirmed an exclusive agreement in the summer of 2016. The streaming service would make the full season available in the United States eight days after the season finales of each CW show. With the series finale date set for June 16, the show will come to Netflix on June 24, 2017. It will be the last of the CW shows coming to Netflix in June, as The Originals and iZombie won’t be available until July.

Those in the United Kingdom and Australia get a different date. The show is released on a weekly basis, two days after an episode airs in the United States. This is because Netflix U.K. and Australia arranged for a special exclusive deal, very much like deals for The 100 and Riverdale. There is no news over Canada’s release date or the rest of the world.

There are many questions over how Reign Season 4 will end. Since this tells the story of the real Mary, Queen of Scots, it should end with the execution of the queen, which took place in 1587. However, some events have been changed, avoided, or added. For example, Mary’s four ladies were actually called Mary, but they have been given names like Greer and Lola in the show. Francis’ death was pushed later into the series, while Bash is a completely fictional character.

According to an interview between Adelaide Kane and TV Line, Mary’s execution is likely to happen. Kane explained that while there have been some creative liberties, the main elements of history have been included. Francis still died (albeit under different circumstances), and Mary still moved back to Scotland and married Darnley.

It is possible that while the execution will happen, it will be under difference circumstances. Fans suggest that Mary’s execution will be viewed through Bash’s visions. That way, Kane can continue playing the role without needing any makeup or CGI to age her. He would see Mary the way he last saw her. Fans want Bash to return, even if it is just for the series finale.

At the moment, Mary is trying to navigate the waters of a Protestant Scotland as a Catholic queen. She has Darnley threatening her child’s legitimacy, as he pressures her for the Crown Matrimonial. Mary has had no choice but to turn to Bothwell and Rizzio to help keep her throne safe, but she knows that Darnley is a political necessity.

Reign Season 4 continues on The CW on Friday with an all-new episode. This could be Darnley’s last episode, as the show is gearing up to his murder — a murder that is one of history’s biggest unsolved cases. The show wraps on June 16, and fans will soon get to binge-watch on Netflix.

[Featured Image by John Medland/The CW]