‘The Flash’ Season 3 Coming To Netflix In May [Spoilers]

Fans of The Flash can’t wait for Season 3 to be available on Netflix. There are many waiting since they’re unable to tune into the CW to watch live. Others don’t have access to the CW app to stream episodes (or they missed a few episodes since earlier ones aren’t available). Now, the big question is when The Flash Season 3 will come to Netflix. With the date of the finale announced, it’s possible to work out the streaming date.

Please note that the spoilers are after the next two paragraphs, where you can find the Netflix date. There is a tweet to avoid any potential spoilers of recent episode and or the season finale.

FanSided shared that the man in red will speed to Netflix on May 31, 2017. This is based on the licensing agreement that Netflix and CW set up during the summer of 2016. All shows will appear on the U.S. streaming service eight days after the season finales, and the CW recently announced that the show will wrap on Tuesday, May 23.

The date wasn’t initially released by Netflix. It is highly likely that the streaming service was waiting for the network to confirm The Flash’s Season 3 finale — giving away the streaming date would have given away the finale date. It is also possible that the streaming service didn’t even know about the date until it was released, but knew that the show would be available sometime in May or June.

The synopsis for The Flash Season 3 finale has now been released, and there are teases of a major cliffhanger. Fans don’t need to worry as the CW has already confirmed The Flash Season 4. During the finale, Killer Frost and Savitar will battle together, and fans will finally learn Savitar’s identity. It’s been a long time coming, right? Savitar made his first appearance last fall on The Flash, according to Screen Rant.

There are a few theories going around about Savitar’s identity. Some fans believe that it is Barry Allen from 2056, while others thing that Julian Albert will be revealed as the big bad of the season.

In the episode before the finale, Barry will time travel to 2024 in an attempt to learn the identity of his nemesis. While there, he will learn all about the future versions of those around him (including himself). Once he is back in his own time, Killer Frost will appear with an offer that Team Flash seemingly cannot refuse. It is possible that the identity will be revealed at the very end of the episode, leaving a cliffhanger for the season finale.

There will be a major setback in the finale while battling against the biggest bad the team has faced so far. There will be plenty of questions about the hope for the future, especially with the major cliffhanger that is mentioned in the synopsis. There is no mention of a potential death, although fans question whether Iris West is going to be a casualty this season.

Barry Allen being the villain is extremely popular with fans right now, especially with so much taken from the source material. However, it wouldn’t be unusual for the writers to make some major changes. Parent show Arrow already had the identity of a villain changed. For months, fans believed that Adrian Chase would turn out to be Vigilante because of the comics, but that certainly wasn’t the case. No spoilers hear about who he really is, though!

Fans don’t need to wait much longer to see how the season will wrap. The Flash Season 3 will finish on May 23. Just eight days later it will definitely come to Netflix. The whole season will be available, so fans can binge-watch easily in time for the Season 4 premiere, likely in October of 2017 (although still to be confirmed).

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