Emmanuel Macron, 39, May Be France’s Next President: He Has A 64-Year-Old Wife, And This Is Their Love Story

Emmanuel Macron, who may be the next French president, has an interesting love story. His 64-Year-Old wife Brigitte Macron might soon become the first lady of France. Macron, as a pro-European Union centrist, must beat his far-right rival Marine Le Pen, who is known for her blunt opposition against immigration. She also wants France out of NATO and the European Union. Whoever wins the presidential race, France is sure to change. Before Macron takes on his populist opposition, let's have a look at his love story.

Brigitte Macron, born as born Brigitte Marie-Claude Trogneux, is a high school teacher. She is currently teaching literature at the elitist lycée Saint-Louis de Gonzague in Paris. She was married to André-Louis Auzière and had three children with him. Earlier, when she taught at La Providence, she met Emmanuel for the first time. He was only 15 and attended her literature classes. Interestingly, 15 is also the age of consent in the country. He also attended her theater class. Even though she was 25 older than Emmanuel, there started an unusual love story while they prepared for The Art of Comedy, a play written by legendary Italian playwright Eduardo De Filippo.

Emmanuel Macron has a 64-Year-Old wife, Brigitte Macron.
Emmanuel Macron has a 64-Year-Old wife, Brigitte Macron. [Image by Sylvain Lefevre/Getty Images]

Emmanuel Macron, who seems to be the favorite to be the next French president, is running as an independent candidate even though he served the socialist government as a minister of the economy from 2014 to 2016. His love story has been quite publicized during his presidential campaign. According to Emmanuel, his love story with his high school teacher is often misunderstood. The love story was often hidden and often clandestine.

According to Brigitte, young Emmanuel was not like her other students. She said she was "totally charmed by his intelligence." Emmanuel apparently had other relationship with adults, who he considered his equals. The International Business Times quoted newspaper Le Parisien as asking Emmanuel's former classmates. They said Emmanuel was a teacher's pet. Brigitte used to give his example all the time.

"She was completely charmed by his literary talent. He wrote poems all the time and she read them out loud."
And, Brigitte does not hesitate to talk about how charmed she is about Emmanuel's talents. She believes his skills are "totally above average."

"You can say I say this because we're married, but this is the teacher speaking," Brigitte said.

Emmanuel confessed his love after he finished his school in 1994. His parents were against their relationship, as he was only 16. They forced him to leave Amiens. Even Brigitte convinced him to go to Paris for studies. Before leaving her behind around 150 km behind, young Emmanuel told her that he would come back to marry her.

Brigitte Macron, Emmanuel Macron's wife, was his high school teacher.
Brigitte Macron, Emmanuel Macron's wife, was his high school teacher. [Image by Sylvain Lefevre/Getty Images]

And, he did as he promised. He was determined to win her over, as the two was in touch. They talked for hours over the phone. Brigitte said Emmanuel had a lot of patience. She eventually divorced her husband when Emmanuel became 18. Officially, they became a couple, as she moved to Paris.

While Emmanuel was starting his political career, the couple got married in 2007. Emmanuel was emotional while giving his wedding speech. He thanked those who attended the ceremony for accepting them as a couple. He also thanked them for supporting them as a couple.

"That is to say, maybe something not quite common, a couple not quite normal – not that I like this adjective very much – but a couple that exists."
Washington would like Emmanuel Macron to win the presidential election for a stronger collaboration with France. The United States wants a forward-thinking Europe, and many believe Emmanuel Macron is the one to lead his country to a self-confident France. And, when he does so, he'll have his wife beside him.

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