Mother Of Baby Killed On Facebook Live Watched Gruesome Video: ‘It Was Too Late’

The woman whose 11-month-old baby who was killed on Facebook Live by the child’s father, is speaking out for the first time to reveal what she thinks led to the ghastly act.

Thai resident Jiranuj Trairat, 21, claimed to CNN on Thursday that she was spending time with her Facebook-scrolling male cousin early Monday evening, when he suddenly began screaming her daughter Natalee’s nickname, “Beta,” over and over again toward his phone.

“I was panicked, too, from my cousin’s reaction,” Jiranuj recalled over the phone on Thursday, “[so] I grabbed his phone [from him].”

What she saw next, according to Jiranuj, was something no mother should ever have to see.

“My daughter was sitting with a rope already on her neck,” she relayed to CNN reporters, “[and] my husband was tying the rope [to] something.”

Her husband, 21-year-old Wuttisan Wongtalay, had reportedly fought with his wife earlier that day over extramarital affair rumors, as the Inquisitr detailed on April 25, and in turn, had run off with their child to the half-built Peninsula Hotel in Phuket, Thailand’s largest island, to get revenge on Jiranuj — by ending his and his baby’s life in the most public and inhumane way possible.

“I knew something very bad was about to happen,” the mother admitted.

After immediately inquiring her cousin to call the local authorities for assistance, Jiranuj claims that she ran to her home in Phuket as fast as she possibly could, hoping to somehow catch her husband before he completed his dastardly deed.

Sadly, both Natalee and her husband would be dead by hanging well before she ever had a chance to arrive at her doorstep.

“I saw that [on Facebook] around 5 p.m.,” the mom remembers, “and when I arrived [home], it was 6 p.m.”

“It was too late.”

As seen in captures of the original stream, Wongtalay is witnessed wrapping the rope tightly around a screaming Natalee, before tossing the infant off the side of the hotel, which silenced her for good, Phuket police detailed in documents.

Moments later, they go on to say, the despondent dad cut off the connection to Facebook and followed suit after Natalee by jumping off a barrier attached to the empty hotel with a rope around his neck, killing himself almost instantly.

“The two bodies were discovered Monday evening, hanging in a derelict building in the Sakhu area of the southern Thai island,” CNN additionally explains.

Two captured clips of the murder-suicide would end up on Wuttisan’s Facebook page shortly after his dark act (both have since been deleted from the social media site’s servers).

Thai police sources went on to allege that a previous argument on Monday between Wuttisan and Jiranuj may have led to him killing their young daughter out of spite.

baby facebook live
Thailand resident Wuttisan Wongtalay, 21, reportedly killed himself and his 11-month-old daughter Natalee on Facebook Live earlier this week. [Image by Carl Court/Getty Images]

“Police said the man had an abusive history toward his wife,” the CNN report states.

“The day before his suicide, he tried to change his wife’s Facebook profile picture and they had fought. She was threatened by him, so [she] left the family home.”

Their corroboration of the domestic violence claims just so happens to mirror the speculation that was made by relatives of the couple by way of both the New York Times and the Phuket Gazette.

“Family members said Wongtalay was angry that his wife was going to leave him for his uncle,” the Daily News specified.

Jiaranuj was seemingly not asked about any possible extramarital affairs she was having, but she did express her disbelief over the way she ended up losing two special people in her life on the very same day.

“I am not angry at Facebook or blaming them [for any of] this,” she told the Associated Press.

“I understand that people shared the video because they were outraged and saddened by what happened, [but still],” the mother eventually asked of her baby father’s final Facebook Live stream, “how could he do this?”

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