'RHOP' Charrisse Jackson Jordan Speaks Out On Eddie Jordan's First Appearance On 'Real Housewives'

Tonight on RHOP, Charrisse Jackson Jordan came face to face with her estranged husband, former basketball coach Eddie Jordan after not speaking to him for months. Eddie Jordan made an appearance at their daughter Skylar's birthday party for her sweet sixteen, and that makes it his first appearance on Bravo as a RHOP husband. When the show started its first season last year, Eddie Jordan was a college basketball coach at Rutgers, and that's why the couple said he was not on the show, but as time went on, it was obvious that there was a serious rift in the Jordan marriage.

Two of the husbands/estranged husbands on RHOP were former basketball players/coaches, says the Inquisitr. Robyn Dixon's husband was a former University of Maryland basketball star who went on to play in the NBA, and then ended up in a coaching position at UMD. Eddie Jordan professionally coached for the NBA team, the Washington Wizards, and then ended up coaching at Rutgers University, his alma mater in New Jersey. Jordan's position at Rutgers ended after a series of bad losses, as well as the revelation that despite having it on his resume that he graduated from Rutgers, Eddie Jordan never actually got his degree. As soon as Jordan was outed, he was able to work with Rutgers to complete his degree while coaching the basketball team.

At last year's RHOP reunion, Charrisse Jackson-Jordan admitted that she had not talked to her estranged husband, Eddie Jordan, since the Real Housewives of Potomac shows started airing. In the first episode of RHOP Season 2, Charrisse said that despite being fired by Rutgers, Eddie Jordan was not moving back to Potomac, and he wanted a divorce.


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Though fans saw the Jordan's marriage imploding last season, Charrisse said that Eddie Jordan is still a good father.

"It wasn't surprising that Eddie was at his daughter's party. He's a very supportive father. He's a great father. He's always there for his children. We're co-parenting, and we do the best we can as parents to give our kids the best life and make them as happy as humanly possible. So him being in the room was no surprise."
Charrisse says that she can see a time when she can be friends with Eddie Jordan, but for now, the only thing they talk about at all is their two children.
"We have children, so we have to communicate about things that pop up with the children. We don't have conversations where we call each other and say, 'Hi, how are you doing?' It's strictly about the children. I'm 51, and I forget timeframes of things. I really don't know how long it was, but like I said, we're not in regular conversations with each other. So in terms of going from a place where we used to talk to each other on a regular basis, it had been a very long time."
But despite how uncomfortable things might be between the two, she says that it was "good to see him though."

Charrisse has been frank about how she feels about her marriage dissolving, and she has made peace with the fact that she and Eddie Jordan are getting a divorce, and the process is all being caught on camera. Last year, Charrisse says that last year, there was so much unknown, and everything was up in the air. Now Charrisse Jackson Jordan says she has made peace with the uncertainty.

"For me, it's a different level of comfort with it, primarily because last season when I started filming, my life was in chaos, so that wasn't the best time to start filming a reality show."
Charrisse explains that last season, she was so unhappy, and now, she feels like she is at peace, and that she knows it's the end of the road for her marriage to Eddie Jordan.

Were you surprised to finally see Eddie Jordan on Real Housewives of Potomac at Skylar's birthday party with Charrisse?

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