‘Real Housewives Of DC’ Stars Suggest Xanax For Potomac Housewives

The Real Housewives of DC stars have some excellent advice for the cast members of Real Housewives of Potomac, which is to breathe deeply and refill your Xanax prescription. After the cancellation of RHODC, one might have thought that the region was a bit too buttoned down and conservative to get the Bravo interest, but the RHOP are proving that there is plenty of crazy in the DelMarVa.

According to the Inquisitr, The Real Housewives of Potomac already had authenticity problems, especially with people who live in the area. The putting on of airs and attention to etiquette are puzzling, to say the least. Most of them seem to have cheating husbands, and they all major in minors.

The Baltimore Sun (despite Karen Huger’s thoughts on the city, Baltimore has more than one newspaper, and most citizens can read), shared the thoughts of the DC Housewives with the Potomac Housewives, including the positives and negatives. Housewife Lynda Erikiletian did the show to showcase the DC fashion scene.

“It was a great opportunity to showcase our industry,” said the founder of T.H.E. Artist Agency, a modeling and artist agency based in Georgetown. “People don’t think of fashion in Washington, D.C. The majority of the people are not thinking Washington has models and stylists. They just don’t get it.”

The biggest challenge for the DC cast was the Salahis (they were the Brooks and Vicki of DC).

“We had a huge challenge with the Salahis,” Erkiletian said. “That was very challenging for me.”

The Salahis are now divorced but Erikiletian still wants nothing to do with them.

“I never want to see them. Never. Like never. I get an APB when she’s in town,” Erkiletian said. “I usually visit one of my country homes when I hear that she’s in the area.”

Via an emailed statement from his representative, Tareq Salahi did not directly address Erkiletian’s feelings about him and his ex-wife.

“The fact is, I enjoyed my acting time on the show, have no regrets and found it an interesting experience, which is what life is all about,” he said in the statement.

Michaele Salahi did not respond to a request for comment.

Lynda believes that there is always one cast member who puts the others at risk, like with the White House incident.

The Washington Post says that Bravo is going ahead with RHOP even though DC was considered a flop. Andy Cohen said that they cast a group of women, not a city, which perhaps indicates why they don’t feel at all authentic to the area. They found a whirlwind of drama queens who coincidentally live in Maryland and fill in local traditions like crab feasts and horseback riding around them. However, they are so clueless, and they call it a crab boil (crabs are steamed, not boiled) and nobody rides dressage, hunter-jumper, or even western. It’s the crazy fish-out-of-water housewives.

“We didn’t go out saying, ‘Oh we want to do another ‘Housewives’ in the D.C. area,'” he said. “It was the last thing on our minds, trust me.”

About DC, Andy Cohen said that DC was serious and cerebral, with educated people, unlike many of the other franchises, like New Jersey.

“We knew this was going to be different from the others…it’s less noisy,” Cohen told The Post at the time. “It’s serious, it’s politics. The level of discourse on this show is different. For people who expect to see table flipping or wig pulling, that was never going to happen on this show.”

But Potomac seems about one episode away from wig-pulling, which might help a few of the women get their lives straight.

Best of luck to the stars of The Real Housewives of Potomac. All signs indicate that luck is what you need.

Will you continue to watch The Real Housewives of Potomac?

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