Selena Gomez And Hailey Baldwin Hangout Used To Resurrect Ridiculous Justin Bieber Fake News Story

In non-shocking news, gossip dumpster Hollywood Life is using the recent hangout of Hailey Baldwin, Selena Gomez, and mutual friends at a John Mayer show last week as an opportunity to resurrect a fake news Justin Bieber story.

Last April, the repeatedly discredited website alleged an outlandish --- and subsequently, debunked --- story claiming Bieber secretly smuggled model pal Hailey as his date into the iHeartRadio Music Awards, but was supposedly "caught" by Gomez.

In fact, Baldwin didn't attend the 2016 iHeart awards, which took place on April 3, 2016. The model was in New York City on the night of the event, as multiple social media posts proved.

In addition, neither Hailey nor Selena were even dating Justin at that time. As widely reported, Gomez and Bieber called time on their on-again, off-again relationship back in September 2014.

Meanwhile, in March 2016, E! News revealed Bieber and Baldwin's and non-exclusive, romantic interlude was over. It was reported that no one else was involved and the pair's fling simply fizzled out.

Rumor-busting site Gossip Cop addressed Hollywood Life's bogus iHeart story at the time, confirming Hailey did not make a miraculous, and somehow non-paparazzi-captured, trip to the iHeartRadio Music Awards in L.A. and actually spent that weekend in New York City.

It's worth noting Hollywood Life has an extensive history of fabricating claims and sources. Bieber himself called the blog out for such in May 2015, and again in June 2016.

Gomez also ripped the notorious site in 2015. She slammed Hollywood Life as "never true" and "the worst." Baldwin has also taken the disreputable site to task over false stories.

Fast forward to Hollywood Life shamelessly referencing its disproved iHeart claim in a recent article about Selena, 24, and Hailey, 20, being spotted with friends at Mayer's Los Angeles concert at The Forum venue on Friday night (April 21).

In an Instagram story video, model Hailey is seen hamming it up as she pretends to bite a savoury jokingly offered by one of Selena's close pals. The rest of Gomez's crew watched the fun.

A glimpse of the "Same Old Love" songstress wrapping her arms around boyfriend The Weeknd pops up on the footage (seen below) as a phone camera is panned.

There is no interaction between Hailey and Selena on the video but Baldwin looked at ease with Gomez's group. Cue Hollywood Life dialing up the sensationalism by claiming Bieber's exes "did their best to avoid a nasty confrontation."

The gossip blog went on to repeat its fake "secret iHeart date" fiction and falsely alleged that the Canadian superstar used to "juggle" dates with Hailey and Selena.

However, the site's claim is not true. Bieber's brief liaison with Baldwin took place after his relationship with Gomez finally bit dust three years ago.

Back in May 2016, Hailey shut down gossip site-fueled rumors claiming she and Selena fought over Justin.

"I think it sucks that people try to start things like that," Baldwin told Us Weekly magazine last year, before continuing, "There's never any truth to that, first of all. She's a lovely girl. She's very kind."

The model added, "Her and I have a lot of mutual friends and it's all cool between everybody. We run in the same circles."

Noting Gossip Cop previously confirmed the iHeart "secret date" story was fabricated and social media posts prove Baldwin was in NYC on the night the awards were held, it's shocking that Hollywood Life is still trying to peddle a bogus claim.

Clearly, the gossip blog's clickbait story was an attempt to manufacture a "love triangle" that did not exist in 2016 -- and still doesn't now.

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