Justin Bieber Didn’t Take Hailey Baldwin To iHeart Awards, Selena Gomez Isn’t ‘Furious’

Justin Bieber is endlessly portrayed as a Casanova, who reportedly broke the heart of his former girlfriend, Selena Gomez. He has since said he isn’t ready to settle down, despite the best efforts of his more recent gal pal, model Hailey Baldwin.

None of that is particularly unusual for a 20-something pop star, and most readers will be aware that the real lives of celebrities are often vastly different from headlines. Amid a current surge in bogus Bieber-Gomez gossip stories doing the rounds, one sensationalist rumor has now been debunked.

On April 6, Hollywood Life claimed Selena “caught” Justin with Hailey “secretly” hanging out backstage at the recent iHeart Radio Music Awards and was “furious” about it.

However, Gossip Cop reports the story is flat-out false. The rumor-busting site reveals there is a simple reason why Gomez did not “catch” Bieber with Baldwin at the iHeart Awards: location.

The iHeart Awards took place on Sunday night, April 3, at The Forum in Los Angeles. That same night, Hailey was about 3,000 miles away in New York City, as various social media posts reveal.

On April 3, the 19-year-old daughter of actor Steven Baldwin posted a pic of her father holding Hailey’s new Corgi pup, which they bought the same day at a pet store located in New York City.

See the photo below.

The pet store, CitipupNYC, also shared a photo of the trio on April 3, with a caption stating the Baldwins had only just purchased the Corgi.

Other social media posts show Hailey was in New York City (which is where she is based) for the entire weekend, during which time she celebrated a pal’s birthday with a group of friends.

Hailey’s IMG model pal, Camila Morrone, also shared a Snapchat video of Baldwin walking around New York City on Monday, April 4.

In short: Hailey did not make a miraculous, somehow non-paparazzi-captured appearance at the iHeart Awards in L.A. during her weekend in New York. Hollywood Life has a history of fabricating claims and sources. Bieber called the blog out for such last May. Gomez also ripped the site last year, calling it “never true” and “the worst.”

Hollywood Life’s fictional iHeart Awards showdown claim is even more absurd in light of E!’s updates on Bieber and Baldwin. After the longtime friends got “together” over the New Year during their vacation in the Caribbean, Hailey later told the network that her then-intimate relationship with the Biebs was “non-exclusive.”

Since then, the “Sorry” singer kicked off his Purpose World Tour and is moving through his 114-date trek. In March, E! reported that the Biebs and Baldwin remain “close friends,” but are now both single. In Marie Claire’s May issue cover story with Baldwin, the rising model said she doesn’t “want attention out of dating somebody,” and that “it’s hard to date somebody in this industry,” while recalling trolling and phone hacking from fans online.

Meanwhile, in a new report, E! reiterates that Hailey and Justin are not dating and Baldwin is “totally single.”

Regarding the apparently still-playing ballad of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, according to E!, the former couple are “talking” about reuniting, but note nothing is likely to happen one way or the other until their respective world tours are over.

To recap: the “Same Old Love” songstress didn’t “catch” Bieber and Baldwin backstage at the iHeart Awards since Hailey wasn’t even at the show. Moreover, the Canadian superstar and the model are reportedly both single and no longer dating each other. As is likely clear to most, Hollywood Life’s clickbait story is an attempt to manufacture a “love triangle” dynamic which doesn’t exist and is neither credible, or true.

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