'Southern Charm' Thomas Ravenel Rages At Craig Conover On Instagram, Saying He's 'Mentally Challenged'

A new Southern Charm fight is brewing, and this time, all of the venom is being aimed at Craig Conover. On a preview of the next Southern Charm, which will air on Monday night, Craig takes offense at the way that Thomas seems to ignore his own children at a polo match. But this morning, after viewing the clip, Thomas Ravenel posted a rant on Instagram, calling Craig Conover's intellect into account.

Thomas Ravenel has quite a history of posting things on Twitter, including accusations about his Southern Charm co-star Kathryn Dennis, who is the mother of his two children, according to the Inquisitr. Thomas makes accusations about drug use, custody, and about whom Kathryn was reportedly dating.

Another Southern Charm co-star, Shep Rose, has accused Thomas of going on Twitter and Facebook late at night, raging, and then, he says, Thomas reads what he writes in the morning, thinks better of it, and then deletes. But fans are onto this habit, and have started taking screen shots, and posting them on their own social media.

Southern Charm star Craig Cononver actually comes out of all of this looking like a softy, as he feels sympathy for Kensie, who is calling out to her father. He suggests that Thomas give the kids some attention, as they are wheeled in the stroller that makes many appearances on Instagram. This incident will likely only make Craig some new fans. That, and the way Craig gives snuggles to Gizmo the cat.


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Gizmo the cat lives with Craig and his Southern Charm co-star Naomie Olindo, and lately, as Naomie is working hard on her MBA, Gizmo and Craig have been spending a lot of quality time together. The Slanted calls Craig and Gizmo their "new favorite Southern Charm couple." The Craig and Gizmo the cat montage alone was worth watching on last week's Southern Charm.

But is there trouble in paradise between Craig and his new snuggle buddy Gizmo?

"Craig is late to meet Shep because he's allergic to his new life partner, Gizmo the cat."
But all joking aside about Craig and Gizmo, it is puzzling that Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel would go off on Craig Conover in the way he did. Craig was one of the few people spared last season at what is known as the "dinner party from hell" where the party-goers ended up running into the streets rather than stay at the table to be insulted by Ravenel.

And with the custody battle, Thomas must have heard worse than someone wondering about his parenting skills, right? So to insult Craig's ethics and intelligence seems like overkill.

"We all knew he was ethically challenged, now we know he's mentally challenged."
Craig is mentally challenged for wondering why you didn't greet your kids at a polo event?

And many fans thought Thomas Ravenel would be more sensitive, considering that he has a sibling with Downs Syndrome. He talked about his brother at the Southern Charm reunion last year when Jennifer Snowden came on to talk about her high-risk pregnancy, and her unborn son who was struggling with a neurological condition.

But then, in the Instagram post, Thomas said that Craig had his vote for "male bimbo of the year." This also seems like the wrong term, because what does Craig's alleged promiscuity have to do with criticism about parenting?

Either way, there will likely be another social media dust-up Monday night after the actual episode airs. But is it possible that all of the anger towards Craig come from Craig and Naomie's support of Kathryn?

What do you think of this new Southern Charm feud between Thomas Ravenel and Craig Conover?

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