‘Southern Charm’ Season 4 Recap: Kathryn Dennis Shares Her Thoughts On The Premiere [SPOILERS]


Tonight’s Southern Charm season 4 premiere was unlike any of the past seasons, as much of it seems to take place at the end of the season looking back to the beginning, and likely based on Thomas and Landon having a relationship while the specter of Kathryn looms in the background. But while almost everyone on the premiere talked about Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis, we don’t hear from her until the last minute. But that ends now, as Kathryn put in her two cents about what she thought of the Southern Charm premiere.

While the new season of Southern Charm makes it sound as if Thomas and Kathryn are not sharing custody of their two children, both parties have confirmed that later this month, they will be meeting in mediation to come up with a new custody schedule, according to a previous report by the Inquisitr.


But Kathryn Dennis spoke to Realitytea to set the record straight about what fans saw on the Southern Charm Season 4 premiere tonight. She says that even though fans only saw her in the last two minutes of tonight’s show, she has some thoughts about the cast members who were talking about her.


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First, Kathryn said she was puzzled by Eliza Limestone, 19, who is the daughter of one of Thomas Ravenel’s polo friends, who was suggesting that they were friends, or at least in contact, Kathryn denies this, and said that they were acquaintances at best. Kathryn was curious about why and how Eliza would be in a position to give advice to the mother of two.

The there was Shelby, who attended the Southern Charm pool party, saying that she is Kathryn’s cousin. While Kathryn admits the two share a last name, that is where any likeness ends.

“Shelby and I are not related,” says Kathryn. “And it’s interesting that she would say that I was partying, so she wanted to distance herself, when the opposite was true. When I came back from rehab, I realized that it was not smart for me to have anything to do with Shelby. It’s obvious at the party that she is a very thirsty girl.”


But while fans can picture Kathryn rolling her eyes at Landon’s comments about her time in rehab, she took to social media to tell fans how grateful she is from Southern Charm cast members Craig and Naomie, who she says have always had her back. Kathryn confirms that she stayed in touch with the couple, and that Naomie, Craig’s plus one, has become a really good friend.

Added to that list are Danni and the new gal on Southern Charm, former Survivor star Chelsea Meissner, who round out the group of ladies that Kathryn says have supported her this season.


Did you watch Southern Charm tonight? What did you think about the new season?

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