‘Southern Charm’ Kathryn Dennis Reportedly Fails Court-Ordered Drug Test

Rumors are swirling and accusations are coming from both sides of the Southern Charm legal battle between Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis about drug use in the custody battle for two year old Kensie and seven month old Saint. It has been revealed that Kathryn Dennis has failed a court-ordered drug test on the heels of a hearing to decide custody of the unmarried couple’s two children, and both Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel are making ugly accusations.

According to the Inquisitr, before the new season of Southern Charm even started, Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis pointed fingers at each other for drugs and cheating. Kathryn claimed on Twitter that while the couple was together, and while she was pregnant, Thomas was trolling Tinder, and Thomas claimed that Kathryn used drugs while pregnant, and he was going to have the baby tested by a neurologist to prove it — though short of heavy drug addiction, testing a baby would likely prove nothing. Though Thomas is the one with a drug related conviction for cocaine, he is the one accusing Kathryn of drug use.

Fitsnews has dropped a bombshell with the accusation that now that the court battle has started between Southern Charm stars Kathryn and Thomas, reports are circulating that Kathryn failed a court-ordered drug test on Thursday. Thomas Ravenel, 54, is suing Kathryn Dennis, 24, for custody of the Southern Charm couple’s two children, who he claims are being kept from him.

According to a source in the office of Kathryn’s lawyer, Gregory Dennis, Kathryn failed a drug test on Thursday, but allegedly Fitsnews could not discover any additional details about what drugs in particular. The court tussle started on Wednesday, and the bad results came back for Kathryn on Thursday.

Thomas Ravenel posted on Twitter that Kathryn used marijuana while pregnant with baby Saint, but ironically, Thomas is the one who has been convicted, and lost his position as treasurer of the state of South Carolina over the use of cocaine, and distributing it to others at parties. Thomas served time in federal prison for this crime.

Thomas has a history of tweeting nasty things about Kathryn, and then deleting them. Thomas gave Kathryn an “F minus in mothering” and called her “an agent of the devil.”

All About the Tea says that both Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis were both tested for drugs when they went to court on Wednesday to start their court battle over their children.

According to an insider, both Thomas and Kathryn agreed to be tested for drugs and alcohol going forward in their custody battle. The drugs they were tested for are cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, and opiates. All About the Tea is exclusively claiming that they know which drugs came up positive on Kathryn’s drug test. They claim that Kathryn tested positive for cocaine and marijuana. Thomas’ test came back negative across the board.

There are reports, and even supposedly film of Kathryn smoking on film, and a source allegedly told All About the Tea that Kathryn had a drugs for sex relationship with her drug dealer, which was said to continue during her pregnancy. Baby Saint was born early, and weighed less than five pounds, while the average birth weight for a baby is seven pounds.

People says that the core of the court argument is that Kathryn claims that Thomas has not seen his children, or contributed to their care in three months, while Thomas claims that the children are being kept from him by Kathryn, and he needs to go to court to claim his rights.

It seems that the details of the court battle between Kathryn and Thomas will only get uglier.

How do you think the Southern Charm court battle will work out? Do you think that the drug test will hurt Kathryn and help Thomas?

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