Dylan O’Brien Will Wrap ‘Maze Runner 3’ Then Promote ‘American Assassin’: Is Red Hood Next?

Dylan O’Brien will complete the filming of Maze Runner 3 in South Africa then move on to promote American Assassin according to Celebeat. It had been previously reported that Dylan could take a break from filming for promotions and personal appearances soon, but it seems he will settle for tweeting a trailer for now.

Yes, Dylan O’Brien has returned not only to making movies but finally, he’s returned to twitter. The American Assassin actor who has only posted three times since his accident last March has finally posted twice in the last week for a total of three tweets. One of those tweets, posted on April 18, is a link to the American Assassin trailer below. Dylan tweeted the following.

“#AmericanAssassin teaser out today. Here’s a teaser for the teaser.”

Dylan O’Brien’s 4.6 million twitter followers have been hungry for an update on his health, following a near fatal accident last year on the set of Maze Runner, but O’Brien has not commented on how he is feeling these days, nor has he given any interviews about the accident. For more information about Dylan O’Brien’s accident and recovery see this from the Inquisitr.

Dylan O’Brien’s twitter followers responded with shock and surprised delight to Dylan’s tweet according to Movie Fone. The American Assassin actor may be finally returning to social media for the first time since the Maze Runner accident. Now perhaps he finally feels comfortable about returning, since apparently Maze Runner filming is well underway.

American Assassin is scheduled for release on September 15, while Maze Runner 3 has a release date of January 12, 2018, according to Movie Fone. So what is next after Maze Runner is wrapped and American Assassin premieres? There is no official word on O’Brien’s plans, but there has been a bit of speculation.

Dylan O'Brein of Teen Wolf, American Assassin and Maze Runner
Dylan O'Brein of Teenwolf, Maze Runner and American Assassin [Image by Michael Buckner/Getty Images]

Dylan O’Brien’s next movie could be a DC Extended Universe film about the DC comic book character Jason Todd. Celebeat has found reasons to speculate that O’Brien could be chosen to portray Red Hood aka, Jason Todd. Nothing is certain yet about the possibility of the role. It’s all speculation, based a bit on O’Brien’s resemblance to the comic book character, but apparently, fans are excited about the possibility.

If Dylan O’Brien plans to complete Maze Runner 3 in time to promote American Assassin which premieres September 15, then Maze Runner 3 must be at least close to wrapping up their filming. Perhaps the Maze Runner cast will be returning from South Africa in the late spring or early summer.

Teen Wolf Star Dylan O'Brien
Teen Wolf Star Dylan O'Brien [Image by Ari Perilstein/Getty Images]

Dylan O’Brien has completed the filming of the final season of Teen Wolf, which is currently airing. Now O’Brien is in South Africa where Maze Runner 3 decided to film their final installment of the trilogy. Last year Maze Runner 3 was being filmed in Canada, but there was a change of plans after Dylan’s accident.


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Dylan O’Brien has completed Teen Wolf Season 6, wrapped up American Assassin, and is on the set of Maze Runner 3 in South Africa, but will he ever portray Red Hood?

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