Dylan O’Brien Returns To ‘Teen Wolf’ And ‘American Assassin’ Sets: Will He Return To ‘Maze Runner 3’?

Teen Wolf Dylan O’Brien has returned to his role as Stiles, though the first several episodes airing now and in the immediate future do not include very much of the handsome heartthrob. O’Brien is finally back to work after the Maze Runner accident last March, which sidelined the teen star for most of the year. Fans can expect to see Dylan’s episodes later in this final season.

Dylan O’Brien has also been seen on the set of American Assassin in Rome recently. Dylan is said to be in great spirits and is looking fantastic according to Entertainment Tonight.

“O’Brien looked cheerful while speaking to crew members on the Rome set on Wednesday, dressed in costume as his character, counter-terrorism operative, Mitch Rapp.”

See Dylan O’Brien in the video below. The Teen Wolf star is certainly looking fit on the set of American Assassin. Don’t be alarmed by the apparent bruising around Dylan’s eyes. That is reported to be makeup for his role in the movie. O’Brien’s face has actually healed quite nicely.


Teen Wolf star Dylan O’Brien won’t be doing any more risky stunts for a long while, though, at least according to a strong rumor. Most true fans would hope that rumor is true. No one wants Dylan to take any more chances.

Dylan O’Brien was severely injured and reportedly nearly killed while performing a dangerous stunt. The Maze Runner 3 maneuver involved climbing from the hood of one moving vehicle to the back of another on the set of a Maze Runner film last March. Dylan has only recently been able to return to work.

Dylan O’Brien star of ‘Teen Wolf,’ ‘Maze Runner’ and ‘American Assassin.’ [Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]

Teen Wolf star Dylan O’Brien has not spoken publicly about his Maze Runner accident and has only been on Twitter once since that awful day in March. Dylan’s silence could signal an impending lawsuit, but it could also be that O’Brien just doesn’t feel up to discussing his brush with death yet. It must have been a frightening experience.

Dylan O’Brien’s Maze Runner stunt injuries were quite severe. Recovery was a long and painful path for O’Brien who is only recently feeling better. As recently as two months ago, his personal trainer said he was not fully recovered. See the video below.

Dylan O’Brien also appears in the movie, Deepwater Horizon. Though it seems confusing to journalists and fans alike, Dylan had already completed his role in Deepwater before his accident. Deepwater Horizon is now playing in theaters and was only recently released, but it had already been filmed in March.

Dylan O’Brien starred in ‘Deepwater Horizon,’ a movie about the oil rig explosion in the Gulf. [Image by Scott Lloyd/U.S. Coast Guard/Getty Images]

With Teen Wolf and American Assassin well underway, Dylan is quite busy, making up for lost time. It is believed that Maze Runner production will begin again in February. The film has been rescheduled many times but is currently scheduled for release January 12, 2019, according to Deadline.

Dylan O’Brien isn’t placing Maze Runner as a top priority, according to iTech Post. The article infers that the Maze Runner production team is perhaps insistent, telling the Teen Wolf crew that they need Dylan for Maze Runner. The article also infers that the production company is complaining about the cost of delays. Could this be true?


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Dylan O’Brien was seriously injured on the Maze Runner set due to an error that was not his own. The stunt could be said to be unsafe, but then by nature stunts tend to be unsafe. The accident cost Dylan a lot more than money. O’Brien’s recovery has been long, frightening, and painful. Fans hope that Dylan will not take any more risks in completing Maze Runner 3 if he indeed decides to complete the film.

Dylan O’Brien has returned to the sets of Teen Wolf and American Assassin, but will he return to complete Maze Runner 3?

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