'Girlboss' Season 2: Will The Rags To Riches Story Have Another Season?

Smart money is wagering on the highly likely possibility that fans have booked their weekend to cozy up with Netflix's new comedy, Girlboss. After getting over Netflix's latest hit 13 Reasons Why, which had a rather dark theme, getting started on the highly anticipated series by Kay Cannon and Charlize Theron is definitely a much-needed breath of lighter air.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead.

According to Bustle, Netflix's Girlboss premiered on Friday, April 21, and it tells a comedic story based on Sophia Amoruso's autobiography, Nasty Gal. Apparently, Girlboss depicts the tale in a fictional manner as compared to the published work it is based on.

Fans better get ready for a full-on dose of girl power and quirkiness because Netflix's Girlboss is serving just that. The recently released marathon will consist of the whole first season of Girlboss with a total of 13 confirmed episodes.

Netflix's Girlboss weaves the experiences of fashion entrepreneur Sophia Amoruso onto small screen TV. The starlet of the show, Sophia, played by Britt Robertson, is a witty 23-year-old who seems to know everything there is to know about making it big by flipping clothes. Although things will, of course, not turn out according to her plans.

Sophia, with all her tight-packed wit and glamour know-how, began her career when she came across a beautiful vintage jacket with a cheap price tag of $12. Knowing the item's true value, given that it is in near-perfect condition, the young entrepreneur was able to sell it at a huge profit after haggling it off the seller first for $9. The moment Sophia realized the amount of money to be made by flipping clothes on eBay, she basically made it her daily grind. However, as mentioned prior, things don't go all according to plan. Somewhere along the lines, the fashion entrepreneur in the making trips something up, and things start going downhill for young Sophia.

Now that Netflix's Girlboss is readily available for your viewing pleasure, fans can tell that the series will be well worth a whole day's marathon. The story behind the real-life success of Sophia Amoruso is definitely one to follow since she had built an incredibly successful career. Apparently, Sophia was graced with the title of one of America's richest self-made women by Forbes, as reported by Radio Times.

Unfortunately, mere days after Netflix wrapped up filming Girlboss, Amoruso's company, Nasty Gal, filed for bankruptcy. Apparently, the rags to riches story can unexpectedly go both ways and among the many surprised individuals is Britt Robertson.

As for the actress who stars in Netflix's Girlboss, Britt Robertson, she found the bankruptcy news to be quite a shock. Apparently, they had just finished filming the series when the news came. "I remember we were at a meeting and then they were like, 'Nasty Gal went bankrupt', and I was like, 'Wut?'

Looking on the brighter side of things, Robertson finds that the current situation can make matters more interesting for the series. In fact, Robertson is now desperate for more seasons of Girlboss from Netflix, in high hopes of being able to tell and know more about the events that led to Nasty Gal's bankruptcy.

"It's so entertaining!" says Robertson. "There's nothing better than playing this girl who thinks she's found success and spent a decade pouring her love and energy into something that maybe she thinks she'll have for the rest of her life, and then she has the rug pulled out from underneath her."

The actress later added, "Then it's like, 'You're starting over, what are you going to do now?' That challenge would be so fascinating to play. I'm already looking forward to it."

With Girlboss' storyline gaining a lot of attention on social media, despite the fact that the first season was just released, fans are already digging for any news about a second season. Luckily, most Netflix series have been renewed in the past, which accounts for the high hopes fans have for their latest project, Girlboss. Unfortunately, there is still very little information available, and fans will just have to keep their hopes up.

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