Tom Ricks Mocks MSNBC, Too: ‘You’re Just Like Fox, Just Not As Good At It’

Tom Ricks isn’t just waging a partisan ideological war on Fox News. He doesn’t have a very favorable opinion about rival MSNBC either. Ricks declined a network invite, saying that the left-leaning network is “just like Fox, but not as good at it.”

Ricks made headlines recently over an incredibly and uncomfortably brief interview with Fox News. After about two questions with anchor Jon Scott, Ricks criticized Fox’s coverage of the Benghazi situation, branding them “a wing of the Republican Party.” After this comment, Scott wrapped up the interview abruptly.

Though liberal pundits across the US gleefully praised the Ricks interview, recent comments indicate that he has an axe to grind with the left-leaning media as well, perhaps mainstream media as a whole. According to The Washington Post:

“When I talked to him Tuesday, he said yeah, actually, he had had some other TV invites, but we shouldn’t waste too much time clicking around looking for his next appearance: ‘MSNBC invited me, but I said, ‘You’re just like Fox, but not as good at it.’ They wrote back and said, ‘Thank you for your candor.’”

Ricks did recently appear on MSNBC on November 18, attending a panel discussion about the David Petraeus scandal. MSNBC host Chris Hayes pointed this out on Twitter:

Gee, I wonder what turned him off to MSNBC.

In any case, Tom Ricks may be shaping up for a war on the mainstream media. Whether this is true and what his motives would be for doing so are currently unknown.