Saying Goodbye To April The Giraffe And Hello To Animal Adventure Park, Watch Live Cam And Relive Birth

It’s been a long journey but now it’s time to say goodbye to April the giraffe. Well, at least the live giraffe cam that is. The Animal Adventure Park (AAP) announced through a Facebook update that the live giraffe cam will go offline at 4:30 p.m. ET, April 21, 2017. Live streaming since February 10, the giraffe cam went viral and brought April into the homes, hearts, and lives of millions worldwide. Located in Harpursville, New York, April joins more than 200 animals in calling the park home, including her five-year-old boyfriend Oliver and her calf that was born on April 15, 2017. Millions across the globe watched night and day to see when April would go into active labor and hooves would hit the ground. Now that the live cam is going offline, many people have expressed finding this chapter bittersweet. Though the live cam is going down, the Animal Adventure Park reopens on May 13, 2017. There is no way to tell how many people will attend the grand opening, so stay tuned for further updates.

Watch April the Giraffe Live via the Cam


April the Giraffe Live Cam Shutting Down Today

On Thursday morning, the Animal Adventure Park shared the following update and included specific information for the live giraffe cam’s going down. There will be status and video updates shared on Facebook and through YouTube that will keep followers informed about April, Oliver, and their calf.

“Giraffe Cam will go dark Friday at 4:30 pm eastern. We will all be there to say goodbye.
The future plans will be announced next week of when and how you can check on baby.”

The live giraffe cam went viral in mid-February after news about the pregnant, 15-year-old reticulated giraffe spread. The Inquisitr was first to report on April and we’ve enjoyed the journey to the birth April’s calf along with the rest of the world. No doubt millions shared Animal Adventure Park owner Jordan Patch’s excitement when he gave a video update announcing April was in active labor. In less than two hours, April’s calf was born. Here is the video announcement as shared by the Animal Adventure Park.

The Animal Adventure Park live streamed the birth of April’s calf on YouTube and Facebook live. You may watch both the YouTube and Facebook videos featuring the birth of April’s calf below. The YouTube video is approximately four hours long but will start at the exact moment active labor begins.

Watch April the Giraffe Give Birth via Facebook

Watch April the Giraffe Give Birth via Facebook Live

When April went into active labor, the Animal Adventure Park streamed it live on YouTube and then provided another angle on Facebook. Here are the Facebook videos as shared on the Animal Adventure Park official page.

The Animal Adventure Park also shared video footage of the baby calf’s first steps.

April’s calf still doesn’t have a name and a baby naming contest is still underway. The calf is a boy and popular names include Unity, Apollo, Patches, Patch, and Geoffrey. Toys R Us sponsored the live giraffe cam and before the calf was born the video had the Toys R Us logo. After the calf was born, the logo changed to Babies R Us. The naming contest is still active and the results will be in soon. What name do you think is best for April the giraffe’s calf?

Are you going to watch the live giraffe cam today before it goes offline? Do you plan to visit the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York this summer? April’s calf will not stay at the Animal Adventure Park for long. He will be relocated to another zoo that has an active giraffe breeding program. April the giraffe has become more than just an Internet sensation. He has become a face for giraffe conservation. We will miss watching the live giraffe cam but are thankful the Animal Adventure Park created a worldwide conversation about giraffe conservation.

[Featured Image by ChrisVanLennepPhoto/Shutterstock]