Oregon Woman Accused Of Sex Trafficking Toddler For Possible 3-Way Hookup

A cash-strapped Oregon resident’s sex trafficking case that reportedly involves her own toddler-aged daughter, is currently underway in the state.

Portland native Kelsey Christine Wheeler, 27, was picked up last week following an FBI investigation, the New York Daily News reports, that purportedly stemmed from an informant’s admission of meeting Wheeler through a sex ad that she placed online back in January of this year.

According to the dirty offer, which was supposedly answered by one Barrett Spangler of Eugene, Wheeler was hoping to make big bucks from a “mother-daughter experience” by offering up her own 3-year-old child, a girl, to anyone who was willing to answer her high-priced call.


“Court documents suggest that Wheeler,” using the alias Kelly Kox, according to the Oregonian, “offered an ‘encounter’ with a young child close to her, for $1,000,” the Daily News details.

At the start of their correspondence, Spangler and Wheeler would purportedly discuss their desires to, one day, engage in certain triple-X rated and controversial taboos, such as the aforementioned mother-daughter scenario and other unusual sexual fantasies.

At some point, the accused allegedly brought forth the mention of allowing Spangler to have his way with her daughter but stated that she had to be present when the encounter was occurring or it wouldn’t occur at all. While the indecent interaction seemingly never occurred, Spangler ultimately would go on to spill the beans about the perverse promise Wheeler made after he was previously picked up by police in a separate child pornography sting just recently.

In U.S. District Court this past Monday, Wheeler eventually expressed that she set the whole thing up as a way to get revenge over her own history as a child sex abuse victim and to rob Spangler of the price of admission he offered to be with her toddler: $6,000, more than six times of her initial asking price.

“Wheeler said she was angered by the offer because of past abuse she experienced,” the Oregonian notes, “but she played along with the intention to rob Spangler.”

“[Furthermore],” the post continues, “the FBI later learned [that] Wheeler was named in [an earlier] Child Protective Services report from Las Vegas that claimed she was found in a room with a man and a child, and all people were wearing minimal clothing.”

When questioned about Spangler’s accusations by Portland police, as well as the supposed, illicit Vegas interaction, Wheeler went on to officially name herself as the perverse online sex purveyor but swore that she never actually intended to allow anyone to harm her young daughter.

“[After being] confronted with the evidence of the investigation,” the Oregonian continues, “Wheeler admitted that it looked ‘very bad’ for her [and] understood why investigators thought she was trafficking her child. [Nonetheless], Wheeler could not provide any evidence besides her testimony that she did not intend to traffic her daughter.”

Speaking with KATU News, an Oregon-based media affiliate, supervisor Katheryn Kroeger of CARES Northwest, a child abuse prevention center, says matters like Wheeler’s are far too common in that region.

sex trafficking toddler
CARES Northwest supervisor Katheryn Kroeger says sex trafficking cases involving children of all ages, including toddlers, is common in Portland. [Image by Jamidwyer/Wikimedia Commons | ]

“Portland is along the I-5 corridor and so there’s movement of victims, child victims that are being sold for sex all along the route,” she said.

“I don’t understand how a person makes that fate — perhaps the person needs money, wants drugs, wants a place to stay, but that’s why we do our work, because we want to help children.”

U.S. District Judge John V. Acosta waived Wheeler’s hearing Monday afternoon to allow her attorney time to rectify their client’s housing situation, should she be granted bail. The next hearing in Wheeler’s sex trafficking toddler case is set to take place sometime in May. No word on which, if any of Wheeler’s relatives are currently caring for her child.

[Featured Image by Multnomah County Jail]