Watch April The Giraffe Now Because Animal Adventure Park Is Cutting The Live Cam This Week, Relive Birth

There’s sad news for those who’ve watched April the giraffe via the live cam. It’s shutting down this week. In a new post, Animal Adventure Park (AAP) owner Jordan Patch held fast to the words stated since February. The live giraffe cam will come down approximately five days following the birth of April’s calf. Patch stated viewers could expect the live giraffe cam to end between Wednesday and Friday. Here is a quote from the official Animal Adventure Park Facebook page where Patch discusses the cam’s end.

“The cam will come down between Wed and Friday of this week as planned from the beginning. This decision was made to allow us to focus on the park and our opening.”

Though some outlets are reporting that the live cam will end due to April limping or favoring one leg yesterday, that is not the case. Patch consistently stated since beginning the live YouTube giraffe cam on Feb. 10, 2017, that the cam would end following the birth of April’s calf. The Animal Adventure Park is a relatively new zoo. They are in their fifth season, but because they are located in Harpurville, New York, must shut down for the winter. The park reopens on May 13, 2017, and there simply is no time for the AAP staff to monitor emails, keep up with live chats, the live cam, consistently update Facebook and get their zoo open in time. They have construction underway, new animal exhibits to get ready and are preparing for many events that will take place at the Animal Adventure Park this summer.

Watch April the Giraffe and Calf Live Via the Giraffe Cam

You can watch the live giraffe cam in the video playlist below. Additionally, the playlist contains important videos shared by the Animal Adventure Park. You can relive the birth of April’s calf, see videos of April with her veterinarian Dr. Tim, and get a look at other animals that live at the Animal Adventure Park.

The end of the giraffe cam has brought sorrow to many fans who have delighted in April’s journey to active labor and the delivery of her baby boy on Saturday, April 15, 2017. Millions tuned in to watch the live cam and after the active labor alert was sent, millions watched simultaneously on YouTube and Facebook. Since the calf has been born, millions worldwide have enjoyed watching the calf’s first steps, bonding time with mom April and even witnessed tender moments between the calf’s father Oliver with his son. The calf is April’s fourth and Oliver’s fifth. The calf will not stay at the Animal Adventure Park on a long-term basis. Once the calf is weaned, he will be rehomed to a facility that has an active giraffe breeding and conservation program.

Watch Video of April the Giraffe’s Calf Taking His First Steps

The live giraffe cam has captured many wonderful moments since it began streaming. Not only has the public been able to watch April and her calf bond, but new video shared by the Animal Adventure Park shows the baby taking his first steps. Though he was a bit wobbly and even fell, the calf is healthy and strong and quickly mastered walking. Sometimes when watching the live giraffe cam, you might not see the baby as he is small enough to duck out of the cam’s view.

The Animal Adventure Park launched a contest/fundraiser to help name April’s calf. For a minimum donation of five dollars, you can enter the contest and select your favorite baby boy name. You can learn more about the contest and how the funds raised will be spent below.

It is unclear whether the live giraffe cam will be the Animal Adventure Park’s last. In a recent video update, AAP’s owner Jordan Patch was asked if April could sustain another pregnancy. He responded that she is 15-years-old and if she is given the all-clear and is healthy enough, a fifth pregnancy isn’t out of the question. Would you be willing to watch another Animal Adventure Park live giraffe cam? What if they began streaming at the beginning of her pregnancy? Could you watch the giraffe cam for 15 months?

Relive the Moment April the Giraffe Gave Birth Live Online

Did you miss the live birth of April’s giraffe calf as it happened online? You can watch it on YouTube and Facebook. Here are the videos.

Here are New Photos of April’s Calf

The Inquisitr was first to break the story of April the giraffe and the live cam. It was Feb. 15, and we’ll never forget the journey we enjoyed watching April grow in her pregnancy, checking for signs of labor, watching her udders grow and change, and then that glorious moment when Jordan Patch announced active labor had begun. The calf has captured hearts worldwide, but more importantly, the Animal Adventure Park, Jordan Patch and April the giraffe have shed light on the plight giraffes face in the wild. Many people today are talking about giraffes, buying products that feature giraffes, painting pictures of giraffes, writing giraffe-inspired poetry, but more importantly, they are contributing funds to giraffe conservation programs.

The live giraffe cam showed how wonderfully intelligent, funny and sweet-natured giraffes can be. No one expected to witness the type of relationship April has with her caretaker Alyssa, and we all know that giraffes love carrots, thanks to the AAP giraffe cam.

We join the world in thanking the Animal Adventure Park and more specifically, Jordan Patch for opening the doors to his giraffe stall and giving us a look at April, Oliver, and their calf. The response to the live giraffe cam was unprecedented, and no one could have guessed the viral aspect of the cam. April, Oliver and their calf will always remain one of the most popular viral sensations and live streaming animal cams in history.

Are you going to watch the live giraffe cam until the end? Did you enjoy watching April the giraffe throughout her pregnancy and when she gave birth online? Would you do it again? Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by PhotoStock-Israel]