For the photographer who has everything, a Canon 5200mm F14 lens

There’s telephoto lenses, then there’s the Canon 5200mm F14 lens pictured above that has appeared on eBay with a starting price of $55,000.

The lens is one of only three made and was shipped to China where it saw little use, according to the auction details. It takes two people to lift, and can be mounted to a DSLR for some special pictures: the range of the lens is a staggering 18 to 32 miles away (30km to 52kms away), and with a focal length of 5200mm, the lens can obtain one hundred times as large an object image as that of a 50mm lens.

Shipping isn’t included in the auction, so you’ll need to calculate postage on an item roughly the size of a medium refrigerator.

I can just imagine Thomas Hawk trying to explain to a security guard his freedom to take pictures with this attached to his camera :-)

You can follow the auction here.