Windows 8 Sells 40 Million Licenses In First Month, Outpaces Windows 7

Microsoft Windows 8, despite awful reviews and a backlash from the business world, has managed to sell more than 40 million licenses in its first month of release.

On its own company blog, Microsoft writes:

“Windows 8 is outpacing Windows 7 in terms of upgrades.”

News of Microsoft’s brisk sales arrive despite analysts’ predictions that licenses agreements were flat. It should be noted that sales numbers are still well below expectations for the tech firm.

Microsoft has not explained where sales have been generated; for example, upgrade sales versus OEM direct sales. The tech giant also didn’t explain who is buying the new OS: businesses or consumers.

According to Windows blogger Paul Thurrott, Microsoft is blaming slower than expected sales on OEM partners who the company says are not delivering Windows 8 based devices quickly enough to retailers.

Microsoft has offered Windows 8 upgrades at discounts never before seen by the tech giant for a major OS release, in some cases below $50 for a single upgrade license. In comparison, Microsoft was able to sell its past updates for $100+ at major retailers.

Windows 8 is a brand new type of platform for Microsoft, a system that focuses on touchscreen capabilities and a new tiles system that removes the Windows Start Button from the equation. While Microsoft has attempted to sell consumers on the new platform, many videos have surfaced in which older users and technophobes have become confused to the point of frustration.

Microsoft’s biggest test of the year is still ahead as it attempts to navigate the holiday shopping season with the help of its own Surface tablets and its OEM partners.