Marine Le Pen Scolds Pope Francis Over Immigration, President Trump Over NATO

Marine Le Pen scolds Pope Francis for meddling in politics

Marine Le Pen insists Pope Francis should stop meddling in the policies of other countries through his advocacy for open borders, although she looks forward to inviting him to France if she is elected president to discuss the immigration issue with him.

Le Pen also chided President Trump for his apparent flip-flop on the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Presidential contender Le Pen is the leader of the populist, anti-establishment National Front, a party that the news media reflexively describes as far right, although Le Pen’s economic platform has similarities to those espoused by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, the self-described socialist who ran for U.S. president as a Democrat.

If elected as France’s president, Le Pen, a foe of globalism and radical Islam, promises the French electorate a Frexit referendum on staying in or leaving the European Union, along the lines of Brexit.

According to, Le Pen has framed her economic policies such as “parallel currencies, a renegotiation of France’s EU membership and a potential referendum on the euro — in a way that resonates with citizen’s concerns, promising ‘intelligent protectionism’ against the uncontrollable forces of globalization.”

Le Pen’s Paris headquarters was firebombed on April 13, allegedly by a leftist group called Combat Xenophobia. A suspect threw a Molotov cocktail at the building at about 3 a.m, but firefighters brought the blaze under control quickly and only minor damage resulted, LifeZette reported.

Based on what most of the experts maintain (and history has recorded how predictions and conventional wisdom worked out in the U.S. election), Le Pen is expected to be one of the top finishers in the multi-candidate, first round of voting on April 23, and then go head to ahead against center-left establishment candidate Emmanuel Macron in the May 7 runoff.

Two other candidates, Jean-Luc Melenchon of the far left, who is supposedly on the rise, and center-right hopeful François Fillon, are also jockeying for position in the close contest, however.

“But with up to one-third of France’s 47 million voters undecided, and another 30% so disillusioned with French politics that they say they will abstain, the field is still wide open,” the Guardian explained.

In an interview with LaCroix International published a few days before Easter, Le Pen, who describes herself as having a strong faith and a proponent of rigorous secularism, registered disagreement with Pope Francis over the open-borders, open-door immigration issue and refugee surge into Europe.

“It does not surprise me that he appeals for charity and the welcoming of migrants. Charity, however, is up to each individual. He asks that States go against the interests of their own people by not placing conditions on the acceptance of significant numbers of migrants. To me, this falls within the realm of politics and even interference, since he is also a head of State.”

An apparent practicing Catholic, Le Pen added that “I am angry with the Church because I think that it interferes in everything except what it should really be concerned with.”

“Pope Francis is technically a foreign leader as Sovereign of the Vatican – a walled city-state with some of the strictest immigration and citizenship rules in the world,” Breitbart News recalled.

Potential voter fraud has also emerged as an issue in the French election due to a massive computer error, the Express of London claimed.

“Half a million people received duplicate polling cards in the post, which would allow them to cast two votes at the first round of the election, held on April 23.French authorities confirmed they would not be investigating the potential electoral fraud until AFTER the election, when retrospective prosecution may take place. This could crush Ms Le Pen’s dreams of surging to power, as most French nationals living outside of their country are not right wing — demonstrated by the fact many feel they depend on the European Union (EU) to guarantee their stay in foreign countries.”

Le Pen supporters assert that the software glitch is a scheme by the French establishment to sabotage Le Pen’s electoral chances. The Le Pen campaign apparently has not issued a statement about the potential voter fraud.

Marine Le Pen has been generally supportive of President Trump, but suggested in a radio interview that Trump contradicted himself on the NATO, which he deemed obsolete during the campaign. Ever the negotiator, Trump walked-back that assertion after a meeting with the NATO secretary general, which may be of function of member nations agreeing to finally pay up their fair share to fund the defense alliance.

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Said Le Pen about Trump, “I am coherent, I don’t change my mind in a few days. He had said he would not be the policeman of the world, that he would be the president of the United States and would not be the policeman of the world, but it seems today that he has changed his mind,” the Daily Mail reported.

Le Pen similarly parted ways with President Trump over the missile strike on the Syrian air base as also inconsistent with his American First, non-interventionist platform. In addition to asserting that interventions by western powers into the Middle East resulted in chaos and more terrorism, Le Pen also suggested that an independent investigation to verify who was responsible for the poison gas attack should have come first.

National Front leader Marine Le Pen disagrees with Pope Francis on open-door immigration

An elected member of the European Union parliament, Marine Le Pen is under investigation for alleged misuse of EU funds, a probe that she and her followers claim is a political hit job, Reuters detailed. A court hearing could even take place on the allegations before the May 7 voting.

In what will also be familiar to American voters from the 2016 election, the French political/media establishment is mostly anti-Le Pen. It another similarity, some artists in the entertainment industry claim that they will leave France if Le Pen wins. Last week, Facebook suspended 30,000 accounts that the social network claims are fake, but some critics argue that the move is actually an attempt to censor Le Pen supporters, Gateway Pundit claimed.

If elected president, Marine Le Pen, 48, would be the first woman in France to hold that office.

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