Man Does Cat Bath Rap In Bathtub Bathing His Cat, Ravioli [Video]

There seems to be nothing like a great animal video to calm the mind and the spirit, and a Baltimore rapper called @iAmMoshow, along with his orange tabby, Ravioli are funny, and oddly sweet. Rapper@ iAmMoshow actually gets in the tub with Ravioli and raps sweetly to keep Ravioli calm while getting a bath. While it's not certain if @iAmMoshow is brave, or a masochist, he seems committed to Ravioli's hygiene ritual.

And @iAmMoshow is in good company when it comes to treating his pet crew like they are his children. Queen Elizabeth is well known for giving her Pembroke Welsh Corgis the royal treatment. Each Corgi has their own silver bowls for food and water, gets fresh made food, and has regular veterinary care, including supplements and holistic treatments.


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Dressed in simply a ball cap and a gold chain, ,@iAmMoshow holds Ravioli, rapping sweetly is a soothing voice.

"I've got to keep you clean - please don't treat me mean!"
And perhaps even more surprising, @iAmMoshow does not advocate declawing your cat, so you've got that right, the rapper is in the tub, soaping up a cat, Ravioli, who has all four sets of his claws. At first, Ravioli is going along with @iAmMoshow as he sings to the fuzzy ginger cat.
"You alright, uh, uh, gotta give my cat a bath, gotta give my cat a bath. Like rub-a-dub dub gotta give my cat a scrub...I'm sorry I've gotta keep you clean. Ravioli please don't treat me mean. Cat people put your hands up, where you at baby?"
It's truly hard not to like @iamMoshow, as he keeps his cool, even while Ravioli starts to climb his owner, grabbing onto his ball cap. The rapper signs off by telling fans that while Ravioli isn't happy, at least he's clean.
"Bye we love you. He's not happy right now. Happy Catterday!"
While traditional rap is not generally about pet care, @iamMoshow now has a huge following and has views near 1 million just for his cat bath rap. Fans gush over the rapper, and of course, Ravioli. And if you are wondering, Ravioli isn't an "only child," as @iamMoshow also has some Sphynx cats that seem to enjoy dress-up. @iamMoshow wraps his cats in silk bandanas and has other videos he posts on social media, and especially on Instagram @iamMoshow.While @iamMoshow originally hails from Portland, Oregon, he is now living in Baltimore, where he is a huge supporter of animal adoptions. @iamMoshow, whose real name is Dwayne Molock, says that he really does bathe his cats, and that day, he bathed all four of his cats, including Ravioli.

In addition to rapping about bathing his cats, he also raps about adopting a kitty that needs a home.

"Won't you adopt a kitty this holiday season? Do it for Moshow!"
He explains that while not all cats need a bath from a human routinely, certain breeds need assistance from their human friends in order to have a healthy coat.
None of the kitty cats seem any worse for wear, as @iamMoshow has lots of pictures on Twitter and Instagram of him cuddled with his whole cat crew.

What do you think of the Cat Bath Rap? Are you brave enough to bathe with your cat?

[Featured Image by Youtube]