Rob Kardashian, Blac Chyna Allegedly Feuding Over Dream Hollywood Plans Amid ‘KUWTK’ Custody Battle Drama

Rob Kardashian won't be allowing his daughter to take part in any sort of work in Hollywood at her young age, a move which Blac Chyna had reportedly planned for weeks now, it's been alleged.

Rob Kardashian has made it very clear to his on-again, off-again girlfriend that the last thing he would want is for his daughter to be introduced to the spotlight at an age where she can't even make decisions on her own — it's not a lifestyle he would want for his baby girl.

Having seen how Rob Kardashian has struggled to be in the limelight, there's an understanding as to why he is so defensive about Blac Chyna's alleged plans to have Dream take part in some of her forthcoming business ventures.

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Sources claimed that Blac applied for work permits for King Cairo and Dream last week, in California, with the supposed intentions of using her children in potential clothing lines and other ventures that the mother-of-two has been planning for some time.

Rob Kardashian, however, won't be allowing his daughter to take part in any of it. At her age, the only thing that Rob wants Dream to do is to continue being the healthy little girl that she is, without the chances of having cameras on her face.

"Rob comes from a family of women who lived the better part of their lives on camera, and he doesn't want that for Dream," the source tells Hollywood Life.

"He doesn't know what tricks Chyna has up her sleeve but he's not at all interested in her pimping out their child in any way for money or fame…especially after seeing how it's made his sisters act. He doesn't want his daughter growing up in the spotlight. Chyna's got some explaining to do."
News of Rob Kardashian's refusal to allow Blac Chyna in using Dream for forthcoming business projects comes just weeks after the former stripper allegedly insisted that she wanted full custody of the child she shares with the TV personality.

Using Rob Kardashian's battle with depression and anxiety as her excuse, Blac allegedly claimed to friends and family that the 30-year-old was in no state of looking after an infant when he can't even care for himself, reportedly needing his family members to be by his side whenever he's with Dream.

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That alone had given Blac enough reason not to pull through with the idea of settling for joint custody with Rob Kardashian, though the Kardashian family looked at Blac's intentions of wanting full guardianship as a way of the socialite landing higher chances for more child support payments.

Rob Kardashian's sisters have since unfollowed Blac Chyna from all of their social media platforms, making it known that they are not a fan of the mother-of-two, especially Khloe, who had warned her brother prior to announcing the pregnancy, stressing that the romance would end badly.

Chyna hasn't addressed her reasons in reportedly wanting to apply for work permits for Dream and Cairo, but from what TMZ has gathered, it's fairly clear that her intentions are to get her children to start working at an early age — especially Dream who carries the famous Kardashian surname.

Tyga, the father of Blac's 4-year-old son, King Cairo, is siding with Rob Kardashian on this one, having allegedly stressed that he also won't be agreeing to the idea of having his child be put in the spotlight for the sake of money at such an early age.

Chyna is alleged to have applied for the work permits without Rob Kardashian and Tyga's acknowledgment, sources claim, which only infuriated them even further.

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