Rob Kardashian: How He’s Dealing With Blac Chyna Split — Furious Over Breakup?

Rob Kardashian is staying strong after having ended things with Blac Chyna, it has been revealed.

The couple reportedly split earlier this week, and unlike their chaotic breakup in December, it was much more peaceful this time around — the two were both on the same page and supposedly knew their relationship had come to an end.

It was alleged that Blac had somewhat neglected the romance because of Rob Kardashian’s insecurities, refusing to leave his home and spending quality time with her. Chyna just wasn’t willing to care for two children and her then-fiancé, who has never been shy to admit that he’s still battling depression, anxiety, and diabetes.

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Rob Kardashian’s insecurities greatly affected his relationship with Chyna, so much that the former stripper couldn’t see herself marrying someone that needed to find peace with themselves first before even considering the idea of marriage.

Of course, now that there is a child involved, things are a little different. Blac now shares a baby girl named Dream with Rob Kardashian, evidently meaning that the twosome will always be in each other’s lives.

What’s good about their breakup, as previously mentioned, is that things didn’t turn ugly and Rob Kardashian is still able to call Blac from time to time to discuss things regarding visitation rights to see Dream.

Hollywood Life further adds that the split has been rather healthy for Rob Kardashian, who has used his spare time to put more focus on building an even deeper bond with his daughter while working on new ways to expand his own business.

Rob, who is the proud owner of his Arthur George sock line, has dozens of ideas he wants to work on in the next couple of months, and he’s now beginning to see that breaking up with Blac is exactly what he needed to do in order to better himself.

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After all, Blac had already been under the impression that Kardashian was just playing games with her, and that they would never get married because of the 29-year-old’s trust issues and severe battle with depression.

“Rob is focusing more on himself, the baby and work,” E! Online further adds. “He’s been focusing on his [Arthur George] sock line more. His friends think right now this is definitely for the best. He was like the old Rob. We missed him. It was so good to have him back.”

It should be noted that Rob Kardashian’s family had allegedly been hoping that he would split with Blac sooner than later, after learning about the couple’s shocking argument, in December, that supposedly led to Chyna becoming physical with her ex-fiancé.

TMZ revealed that Kris Jenner’s boyfriend Corey Gamble had to separate the twosome from one another before Chyna would go on to make the decision to move out of Rob Kardashian’s home and take Dream with her.

The Kardashians have been under the impression that Blac is a bad influence on their brother, particularly since they had been arguing on a constant basis — the family just couldn’t put up with the drama any longer.

While Blac was initially asked to attend Kris Jenner’s Christmas party in Calabasas, California, the momager ended up revoking the invitation, feeling disgusted by the thought of a woman putting her hands on her son — knowing just how sensitive Rob has been in recent years.

People concludes by stressing that, “They are both trying to be mature about it. It was less dramatic this time.” And if it wasn’t clear already regarding Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s initial plans to get married, “The wedding plans are off.”

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