Walt Disney World Guest Arrested For Choking Girl For Blocking Her View Of Wishes Fireworks

One of the ideal things to do at Walt Disney World is to watch one of the many fireworks displays that happen nightly, but you have to make sure you get a good view. Some guests line up hours in advance to make sure they have a prime location and that is what a number of people did the other night, but it didn't end in a magical time. A woman ended up being arrested after she was accused of choking a young girl for blocking her view of Wishes at Magic Kingdom

The Wishes fireworks spectacular at Walt Disney World is preparing to end its lengthy run next month and make way for an all-new show. While there isn't much time left to experience this incredibly beautiful and moving display, one woman took it much too far.

News 4 Jax is reporting that 41-year-old Tabbatha Mature was arrested on Wednesday night after choking a young girl, who blocked her view of the fireworks at Magic Kingdom.

According to Click Orlando, the victim, who has not been named, was visiting Magic Kingdom with a group of students and chaperones for what was likely their spring break. They were there from a high school in a different state and they lined up to watch the Wishes fireworks that evening.

At around 9:30 p.m. on Wednesday evening, the group of students were sitting and waiting for the fireworks to begin as another family sat behind them. In typical fashion for many Disney guests, they stood up to better see the fireworks when they were about to begin.

That is when the trouble started.

Tabbatha Mature and her family could no longer see due to the students standing up, so, they asked them to sit down. Upon noticing her aggravation, the students decided to leave and the alleged victim simply told Mature that "you can take our spot."

An arrest report from the Orange County Sheriff's Office states that it as at this point that Mature grabbed the victim by the neck, placed her hands around it, squeezed, and began pushing her head toward the ground.

walt disney world tabbatha mature choke girl wishes fireworks
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The girl began screaming due to being choked by Mature, and her friends kept trying to get her free of the woman's grip. Mature screamed "You don't want to mess with me" at the girl before she finally stopped choking her and let her go free.

The group of friends advised a Cast Member at Magic Kingdom of the situation and that led to security confronting Mature, which eventually led to her arrest by the police. Tabbatha Mature was arrested on one charge of child abuse.

Police and medical personnel checked out the girl's neck which showed no visible injuries, but she is willing to press charges against Tabbatha Mature for the incident.

Disney is replacing the Wishes fireworks show next month and it will run for the final time on May 11, 2017. The very next night, a brand new nighttime spectacular called Happily Ever After will make its debut with fireworks, lasers, projections on Cinderella Castle, and a new theme song.

Magic Kingdom does put on an absolutely great fireworks display with Wishes, even though it is set to end its long run next month. Maybe, Tabbatha Mature simply had a long day or was simply fed up for the evening, but choking out a young girl should never be the method of action. Due to what she reportedly did during Wishes show earlier this week, her visit to Walt Disney World ended up in a not-so-magical fashion.

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