Acacia Friedman Pictures: Alleged College Prostitute Pictured With Bill Clinton

Pictures of Acacia Friedman, including a viral photo of her smiling next to former president Bill Clinton, are going viral after the University of Miami student was arrested and accused of being a high-priced prostitute.

Acacia was one of three students arrested this week as part of what police in Florida said was a high-end prostitution ring. They arrested 21-year-old Maury Noun, who they claimed was the person who negotiated a deal with an undercover officer to have sex with two other college students. As the Miami Herald reported, Noun arranged for the officer to meet with both Acacia Friedman and 19-year-old Samara Charlotin, a student from Florida International University.

After the officer handed over $5,000 to Noun, the three were arrested.

Police claimed that Noun had been explicit about the encounter.

“They both discussed sexual intercourse ‘going all the way’ without a condom,” an officer wrote in a police report (via the Miami Herald).

Friedman and Carlotin were both charged with prostitution, and Charlotin had an additional charge for allegedly possessing cannabis and Oxycodone. At a hearing this week, a judge chided Charlotin for her choices.

“You’re a smart girl, if you want to live to see age 20, you need to find a new line of employment,” Judge Mindy Glazer told Charlotin (via the Palm Beach Post). “A very risky thing you were doing, for somebody with a lot of potential such as yourself.”

The arrest came as a shock to residents of Coral Gables, the normally quiet town where the arrests took place.

“We don’t like that there are prostitutes. I will tell ya, that’s news to me because we are Coral Gables people and we do not need to hear about prostitution,” Kathy, a Coral Gables resident, told CBS Miami.

News of the alleged college prostitution ring quickly spread beyond the south Florida area, with many national outlets picking up on the news and others sharing links to the story on social media. Much of the attention centered on Acacia Friedman, the college student seen in pictures partying and meeting with a famous politician.

Acacia Friedman had an Instagram page listed, but it was made private soon after the report of the college student’s arrest for allegedly being a high-priced prostitute. Though the pictures were cut off from the world, many shots of the University of Miami senior still found their way to Twitter and other social media.

One of the most popular pictures showed Acacia Friedman posing with former President Bill Clinton. The picture was reportedly taken from an event Hillary Clinton held in Florida during the 2016 presidential campaign. It originally appeared on Friedman’s Twitter page, which has since been made private, but the picture has still spread around the internet.

Despite speculation from commenters, there was no indication that Bill Clinton has any relationship with Acacia Friedman beyond the brief picture he took with the alleged college prostitute.

While the alleged college prostitute may be taking efforts to retreat from social media, pictures of Acacia Friedman as well as Samara Charlotin are still going viral online. And there could be more exposure to come — police in Coral Gables said the arrests were part of an “ongoing investigation,” but didn’t say if more charges could be coming.

[Featured Image by Miami-Dade Corrections]