Donald Trump Asks A Bunch Of Women If They’ve ‘Heard Of Susan B. Anthony’

Donald Trump attempted to relate to the women in the room for the women’s empowerment movement event by recognizing the women in his cabinet and calling out some influential women by name.

“My cabinet is full of really incredible women leaders.”

According to Raw Story, Donald Trump’s cabinet is actually full of more white and more males than any cabinet since President Ronald Reagan.

“Since the very beginning, women have driven, and I mean, each generation of Americans, towards a more free and more prosperous future.

“These patriots are women like the legendary Abigail Adams, right? Who, during the founding, urged her husband to remember the rights of women. She was very much a pioneer in that way.”

Trump also told the women to “believe me” about the fact that Harriet Tubman was a courageous woman.

“We’ve been blessed with courageous heroes like Harriet Tubman who escaped slavery. And went on to deliver hundreds of others to freedom, first in the underground railroad and then as a spy for the union army. She was very, very courageous, believe me.

“Around we’ve had leaders like Susan B. Anthony. Have you heard of Susan B. Anthony? I’m shocked that you’ve heard of her — who dreamed of a much more fair and equal future and an America where women themselves as she said helped to make laws and elect the lawmakers, and that’s what’s happening more and more.”

Although Trump’s remark about Susan B. Anthony was reportedly not to be taken legitimately, according to Heavy, the president’s Twitter account blew up with angry tweets.

The text from the women’s empowerment event did not make it immediately clear that Trump had been being sarcastic.

He saluted the American women who have shown “grit, courage, and devotion,” according to News Max.

President Trump also did not forget to thank his wife First Lady Melania Trump for attending the event.

The Independent is calling the first lady’s attendance a “rare appearance” as Melania is not typically seen by Donald’s side and is currently living in New York City.

Melania presented the women of courage awards.

He pledged to the women in the room that “my administration will work every day to ensure that our economy is a place where women can work, succeed and thrive like never before.”

“That includes fighting to make sure that all mothers and all families have access to affordable child care.”

Trump added that he “wanted every daughter in America to grow up in a country where she can believe in herself, believe in her future and follow her heart and realize her dreams.”

He claimed that “we” want a country that “celebrates family,” “community,” and “creates a safe and loving home for every child. Every child.”

“That’s what we want.”

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[Featured Image by Mark Wilson/Staff/Getty Images]