April The Giraffe Labor Updates And News, Watch Animal Adventure Park Live Cam

April the giraffe will soon be in active labor, and the Animal Adventure Park continues to provide the latest updates and news regarding her condition. As of March 29, 2017, April has made all the progress needed for active labor to begin. Her teats are enlarged, she has experienced changes in her vulva, and her calf has grown so large her stomach distends, and the baby visibly kicks. All that is left to occur is that magical moment when the baby calf is ready to be born, and active labor begins.

It’s been quite a journey since the Inquisitr first reported on April the giraffe and the live webcam Animal Adventure Park owner Jordan Patch set up on Feb. 10. At that time, it was believed that April’s labor was imminent, but the world learned that April has her own time frame for handling the miracles of life. April has experienced many signs of early labor such as experiencing discharge and pulsating from a swollen vulva. All signs indicate that labor will be soon and it’s possible that we are looking at a timeframe of days.

If you haven’t seen the live giraffe cam that has swept the world holding hundreds of thousands captive to April’s every movement, then you may watch it below. The live giraffe cam features April, and you can watch as she interacts with her mate Oliver, her handlers, and even her veterinarian Dr. Tim. Check the playlist for pertinent videos that will answer questions and give you a behind-the-scenes look at the Animal Adventure Park and life for April and Oliver.