Bernie Sanders Wants To Help Trump Fix His Failed Healthcare Bill

Vermont Senator and democratic socialist Bernie Sanders wants to work with President Trump to help amend the American Healthcare Act, which was pulled from the floor this past Friday without a single vote, as reported by CNN. Many have expressed a desire for an overhaul of the existing healthcare system — that is, a repeal of Obamacare — while others believe President Obama’s provision of healthcare is superior to Trump’s AHCA amendment. Americans remain divided on the subject. The GOP’s failure to pass the American Healthcare Act on Friday has rippled outside of the political sphere and into economic and social dialogues.

According to Business Insider, Senator Bernie Sanders stepped forward to help President Trump make the proper adjustments to his failed healthcare plan, citing his own bill as a potential template for repairs. Sanders’ pending healthcare bill includes a “Medicare-for-all” feature that would ensure service for all citizens, regardless of insurance status. This could fall in line with Trump’s political motions, as the President has expressed a desire to cover “everybody,” according to Business Insider.

“It is a commonsense proposal, and I think once the American people understand it, we can go forward with it.”

Sanders was just as critical of President Obama’s healthcare system, explaining that “the deductibles are too high, premiums are too high, the cost of healthcare is going up at a much faster rate than it should.” Sanders has been considered an opponent of the Democratic Party, especially after the fallout surrounding his presidential campaign and the DNC, as reported by an earlier Inquisitr article. Bernie Sanders leads polls all across the nation in regard to political popularity, the leadership of the Democratic Party, and even a hypothetical 2020 candidacy poll. Sanders’ supporters refuse to be dismissed and seem content to fight to the bitter end. With Trump’s rapidly failing policies, Sanders is in a position to offer an experienced helping hand. Sanders has been a warrior for social justice, economic equality, and healthcare rights for more than four decades.

Trump supporters have found the silver lining in the failure of the AHCA, reports CNN. Mike Caudill of Mountain Comprehensive Health Corporation explained that pulling the bill allows President Trump to give it the proper adjustments before it’s officially implemented, which could prevent detrimental short-term side effects.

“This gives an opportunity for Trump to reach across the aisle. I hope he breaches the divide that exists between the parties.”

With Trump’s desire to provide healthcare for everyone and his supporters calling for compromise, Bernie Sanders steps up to the plate to offer the insight and guidance to correct the president’s failed AHCA proposal. Noam Chomsky, renown intellectual and retired MIT professor, criticized Trump’s choice of cabinet members as reported by an earlier Inquisitr article. Chomsky observed a severe lack of experience and overabundance of personal and corporate interest.

“This cabinet is drawing from the billionaire class, largely financial institutions, and military and so on; in fact, take a look at the stock market, that tells you how anti-establishment he is. As soon as Trump was elected, and since, stock values in financial institutions escalated to the sky.”

Senator Sanders is aware of the lack of experience within Trump’s collective and is a seasoned veteran when it comes to social and political reforms. He’s an ideal candidate for spearheading such overhauls.

Regardless of what D.C. cooks up for healthcare coverage, the people will be critical. Donald Trump has proven to backpedal on his commitments, and compromise seems like the key to crafting a successful healthcare system to overhaul the current models that no one can seem to agree on. The ball is in Trump’s court, as Bernie Sanders has made his offer to the president in regard to repairing the failed healthcare bill.

[Featured Image by Alex Wong/Getty Images]