Reince Priebus Tells FOX News That Trump Admins Do Not Accept Wiretap Findings

White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus spoke with FOX News Sunday where he was point blank asked if President Trump was going to apologize after Barack Obama was said to have not wiretapped Trump Tower, Priebus would end up going in unsurprising direction. President Trump put out a few weeks back on Twitter that former President Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower. He did so without any evidence or explanation, which made many Americans wonder what was going on.

Several Republican Congress members felt the claim was odd, but were very interested into seeing if there was any truth to the matter. If Obama did wiretap Trump Tower, then there would be a clear problem. Meanwhile, if Trump made claims that did not turn out to be true…then that was also an issue. An investigation was ordered by President Trump to look into the matter, despite the fact that he made these claims without proof or even explanation of where he heard the information from.

Every intelligence community in the United States was asked about the allegation, but each one came out to say that there was no truth to it. An investigation was performed even still, but the findings did not turn out as Trump and his administration had hoped. The findings came from the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes who said that aides for the Trump campaign were monitored during the Presidential campaign.

He made sure to claim on Friday that there was no evidence that proved the Obama administration wiretapped Trump Tower or that Trump was wiretapped whatsoever. Of course, that meant that Trump was wrong in his allegation which is why FOX News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace asked Reince Priebus if Trump was ready to apologize over his allegation. Priebus said “no, and I don’t accept it” in reference to Trump and the administration accepting the findings.

Since Trump made his allegations on Twitter, the Trump administration has tried to modify what he said into something completely different from the original tweet. They want it to mean that there was a possibility of wiretapping on the people who worked with Trump or that there was intelligence collected on people who worked on the campaign. Basically, something that was completely different and didn’t even have to do with the Obama administration at all.

Priebus echoed this with Wallace, where he held up a big print-out of a New York Times headline which argued law enforcement or intelligence officials may have collected information on members of Trump’s transition team. Basically, this had no reference to Obama wiretapping or even information claiming that Trump himself was monitored. Priebus would explain his point however, stating:

“The fact is reports have come out for many, many months now that people on the Trump campaign transition team were surveillanced by, potentially, some intelligence group. Whether they were intentionally swept up, whether their names were unmasked — Chris, you don’t know the answer to that question, and I don’t either. But if people on the Trump transition were unknowingly surveillanced… I think it’s a big problem, and I think ultimately President Trump is going to be proven correct.”

When Chris Wallace asked if Trump believed that there might have been a “concerted effort” by the Obama administration to leak intelligence information to damage the new administration, Priebus answered by saying that the “leaks are apparent,” he would go on to say:

President-elect Donald Trump looks over at President Barack Obama before being sworn in as the 45th president of the United States
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“There are leaks out there that are injuring the president. It’s wrong and people should be prosecuted. There’s potentially something very wrong here, but I’m not going to go any further than that.”

Wallace would also ask Priebus about the findings by the House Intelligence Committee chair Devin Nunes’ and his decision to tell Trump and his team about the evidence that was found before informing the public, law enforcement, or intelligence officials first. Nunes decided to meet with Trump before telling people of his own committee, which many unsupported publicly within the law enforcement and intelligence community. Priebus was asked:

“Does Chairman Nunes coming to the White House and briefing the president before he briefed his own committee — does that undercut his credibility, and does that open the door for an independent investigation?”

Wallace referenced the independent investigation to mean the investigation into Russian allegations against the Trump administration. Naturally, Priebus refused to either endorse or condemn Nunes over what he did, as he claimed that the White House does not “calculate the decisions that they make and whether they brief someone or not.” He went on to say regarding the House Intelligence Committee and their investigation into the Russian allegations against the Trump administration:

President Barack Obama speaks with President-elect Donald Trump during the presidential inauguration
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“I think we let the House committee do its job and see what they come up with. And by the way: They’re not going to come up with anything.”

The main problem in all of this was that Priebus claims that the Trump administration still stands by the President and what he said, despite trying to pervert it into something far different that the original posts he made on Twitter. They have repeatedly tried to sway things to mean a lesser thing to avoid having Trump look bad in the end. The thought was that Nunes’ findings were nothing of note, but that Trump could use them to sort of fit with the newer agenda of what the administration was trying to put out.

In the end, the American people seem to feel in a major way that the Obama wiretapping allegation was bogus. However, it is a mixed situation when it comes to the Russian allegations. Some firmly believe there are connections, with various people being connected to Russia each and every week. Despite this, others feel that there is no connection to Trump and Russia. Many feel an independent investigator is needed. The question is, will we actually see one?

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