WWE News: Huge Update On Potential Randy Orton Heel Turn At ‘Wrestlemania 33’

At Wrestlemania 33, Randy Orton will challenge Bray Wyatt for the WWE Championship in one of the most unpredictable matches on the card, and WWE could be planning a major angle to happen along with a title change. During an interview with IGN, Orton explained how much he liked his run with The Wyatt Family.

“Then I got to doing this thing with the Wyatt Family and I don’t remember having this much fun in the ring in a long time. Messing with them. The mind games. The promos. Tagging with Bray. Tagging with Luke. And being a part of the Wyatt Family.”

Originally, Randy Orton just wanted to be part of a dominant stable again, which is why WWE officials had him join The Wyatt Family. For months, he helped elevate both Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper. Now, both are at the top of their game, Harper is due for a babyface run, Wyatt is the current WWE Champion, and Orton will challenge him for the title at Wrestlemania 33. Simply put, his run with the stable was a great success.

Bray Wyatt or Randy Orton Will Be the WWE champion After Wrestlemania 33
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No matter what happens in Orlando next weekend, everyone benefited from Randy Orton’s involvement in The Wyatt Family. WWE officials have booked all three men almost perfectly. They need to finish as strong as possible, which means the WWE Universe can expect great things from Orton vs. Wyatt at Wrestlemania.

The exciting dynamic of the match is WWE could have Orton or Wyatt walk out of Orlando with the WWE Title, but there are other angles being rumored for the match that could change WWE programming. Wyatt has been rumored for a face turn, and that could mean a heel turn for The Viper. However, during the recent interview mentioned above, Orton had the following to say about a potential heel turn for his character.

“Being a part of the Wyatt Family threw me back into that heel element that I love so much and had missed for a very long time. It’s no secret that I would prefer to be a heel, night and day, over being a babyface. And it was nice to get that little taste of being a heel again.

“And now I’ve kind of switched back over, so to speak. I still want to walk the line and be as much of a bad guy that I can be while still doing my job well.”

Could Randy Orton Turn Heel at Wrestlemania 33
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Many WWE fans would agree that Randy Orton is a much better heel than a babyface. His intention to walk that line between the two is unique, but it’s also tricky depending on how the WWE Universe reacts. To put this into perspective, Orton joined The Wyatt Family and stayed with them for several months just to break them apart from within, hurt Bray Wyatt, burn down his home, and take the WWE Title away from him.

Out of context, Randy Orton sounds like the villain of the rivalry. WWE officials could easily turn the WWE Universe to favor Wyatt over Orton at Wrestlemania or after if the feud is to continue. The real reason why WWE officials wanted The Viper to win the Royal Rumble is to help put over Luke Harper and Bray Wyatt as main event players in WWE. As a performer, he’s done that. As a character, he shouldn’t be rewarded.

In many ways, a heel turn for Randy Orton on the grandest stage of them all or shortly afterward is the only way to appropriately end the rivalry. Many people are expecting him to walk out of Wrestlemania 33 as the WWE Champion. It would be fitting, and a heel run would keep the momentum going well after Orlando.

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