WWE News: Luke Harper’s Role In Randy Orton Vs. Bray Wyatt Rivalry Revealed

After knocking on the door of the WWE Championship match at Wrestlemania 33, Luke Harper lost the No. 1 Contenders match on SmakDown to AJ Styles, but that doesn’t mean he won’t have an important role in the WWE Title match on the grandest stage of them all. To end SmackDown, Randy Orton burned down the Wyatt Family compound and betrayed Bray Wyatt. Now, their rivalry has been reignited for Wrestlemania.

The WWE Universe has been waiting for Orton to Wyatt, but it took roughly five months of WWE television for the angle to happen. The impact of his betrayal is not just burning down the Wyatt Family home, but he was able to manipulate Luke Harper to turn on his mentor. Orton broke up the Wyatts from the inside, but Bray and Luke were able to capitalize on their opportunities heading into the grandest stage of them all.

At WWE Elimination Chamber, Bray Wyatt finally became the WWE Champion. Now, Wyatt will hold the title into Wrestlemania. However, Luke Harper is the one who elevated his game to new heights. After Luke reached a breaking point with Orton within the stable, he turned against them for a face turn that the WWE Universe embraced. Unfortunately, Harper’s role heading into Wrestlemania 33 is important for his future.

Luke Harper Will Return to Bray Wyatts Side
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The WWE Universe believed Luke Harper could defeat AJ Styles on SmackDown Live to become the No. 1 Contender for the WWE Title. That was a match Harper needed to win because it would have elevated him to the main event level immediately. However, WWE officials were unwilling to push Harper that quickly headed into WWE’s biggest show of the year. At almost any other time of year, Harper would have won.

Unfortunately, WWE officials are planning Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt as a singles match. AJ Styles’ title shot will be used to create a feud with Shane McMahon for Wrestlemania. The truth is WWE officials were not actually considering changing the WWE Title match over the past few weeks. That leaves Luke Harper holding the short straw because he’s been elevated to a new level, but now he’s without a feud in Orlando.

According to a new report, Luke Harper will still be involved in the WWE Title match between Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt at Wrestlemania 33. It’s being said that Harper is expected to rejoin Bray Wyatt now that Orton has betrayed him and burned down The Wyatt Family Compound, which impacts Harper as well.

Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt is Still Happening at Wrestlemania 33
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It was Vince McMahon who decided it wasn’t the right time to elevate Luke Harper to the main event, but he’s definitely impressed WWE officials over the past few weeks and his time will come. For Wrestlemania, Harper being at ringside or winning the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal are his options. It’s worth noting that Erick Rowan was just medically cleared to return to the ring as well, so he may be returning too.

There is a lot of speculation that Bray Wyatt will be turning face during this angle. The WWE Universe could have sympathy for him and vilify Orton for burning down “Sister Abigail’s” grave. Not only that, but Harper turning face and returning to Wyatt’s side may influence the WWE Universe to cheer for them over Orton in this feud. WWE officials may not be planning this, but it may come about naturally from the WWE fans.

The real reason why WWE wants the WWE Title match at Wrestlemania to be Orton vs. Wyatt is to elevate everyone around Randy. Over the coming weeks heading into Orlando, WWE officials have the opportunity to elevate Harper and Wyatt to a new level. Bray Wyatt has already become the WWE Champion. WWE is trying to ensure that after Wrestlemania, Wyatt will be in a position to become the WWE Champion again.

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