London Terror Attack: Senator Says ‘Don’t Pray For London, Pray For Muslim Ban’

Senator Pauline Hanson attempted to start the #Pray4MuslimBan after the horrible terror attack on London. Apparently, the senator is utilizing social media to further push her Muslin ban which later brought her criticism, saying that she was using a terror attack to One Nation’s advantage.

Senator Hanson used a video message to convey her social media campaign, particularly targeting those who express their condolences by using the #Pray4London. In her video, the Queensland Senator asked Australians to respond to the tragedy using #Pray4MuslimBan, instead.

Ms. Hanson was holding up a sign that read “Pray4MuslimBan” in her video, urging the citizens of Australia to dis the “Pray4London” tag, and pray for the Muslim Ban to materialize. The senator also stated that the putting a ban on Muslims will solve the problem, once that it fulfilled, other issues can be dealt with easily.

The One Nation leader also shared the policy held by their organization, saying that the policy is meant to protect everyone from the threat of Islamic terror that is growing every day.

Ms. Hanson also exclaimed that people have to take action against the Islamic religion whose ideology will eventually wreak havoc in the future, as per News.

Senator Hanson’s statements were slammed by Islamic Council of Queensland spokesman Ali Kadri, who says that Senator Hanson was using the recent terror attack for her own political interest. Mr. Kadri said that putting a Muslim ban will not put a stop to what’s happening in the world, calling it a “Ludicrous idea.”

“Banning a religion to teach a lesson to a few extremists is just a simplistic, populist idea,” says Mr. Kadri. He later added that the real solution is to condemn all forms of extremism and violence, and the way to defeat these threats is to come together.

Furthermore, the spokesman also cited that Pauline Hanson is specifically targeting Muslims, similar to what was done twenty years ago against the Asians. He later added that “she does not like people who do not look like her and she’s just using terrorism as an excuse.”

Moreover, the senator also called out the Mayor of London, citing a statement he made last year. Senator Hanson expressed her surprise on what the Muslim mayor had to say about terrorist attacks, claiming that “Terrorist attacks are part and parcel of a big city.”

London Mayor Sadiq Khan told the Evening Standard in September 2016 that terrorist attacks were “a reality” of life in major cities, including New York and London.

“Well, no they’re not,” Ms. Hanson started, “They don’t have to be, they don’t have to be, they never have been in the past and that’s something I never want to hear or see here in Australia from any mayor in any city.”

However, Ms. Hanson was not the only one who called out the Muslim mayor for the statement he made in the past. Apparently, President Donald Trump also posted a tweet, shortly after the terror attack on London.

“You have to be kidding me?! Terror attacks are part of living in big city, says London Mayor Sadiq Khan,” Donald Trump tweeted, citing an article published by the Independent back in 2016.

The statement made by London Mayor Sadiq Khan regarding terror attacks was meant to express sympathy during the terror attack in New York back in 2016 as reported by 7 News.

As a result, both Senator Hanson and President Trump were brandished with negative remarks, calling them out for their actions. British MP Wes Streeting accused Donald Trump of taking advantage of the terror attack to gain political mileage.

“You use a terrorist attack on our city to attack London’s Mayor for your own political gain. You’re a disgrace,” MR Streeting tweeted.

While Ms. Hanson was bashed for citing a comment made by the Muslim Mayor that was not intended for the recent terror attack on London. Shortly after, a spokesman for the senator told News Online that it was not Ms. Hanson’s intention to suggest that comments made by the Muslim mayor were connected to the recent terrorist attack.

[Featured Image By Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images]