Abu Izzadeen, Trevor Brooks Photos: Jailed Hate Preacher Is Not London Attacker

It seems someone was trying to play a joke on the Internet in a bad way. The name Abu Izzadeen (or Trevor Brooks) was the name thrown around as the person responsible for the heinous attacks at Parliament and at Westminster Bridge, as reported by the Inquisitr.


Tweets like the following emerged from a variety of accounts on Twitter, with claims that the attacker in the London terrorism attack was the noted hate preacher, Abu Izzadeen, also known as Trevor Brooks. However, with just a photo of a beard as seen in the below photo in comparison to the other photos of Izzadeen, it was difficult to confirm if Abu was the same man in all the photos. Coupled with the fact that no major news organizations had yet named Izzadeen or Brooks as the London attacker, the news was dubious indeed.


Now, as reported by the Daily Mail, the infamous Islamic hate preacher Izzadeen is not the correct man who is suspected of being the Westminster terror attacker. Abu is still in prison, but according to the publication, Channel 4 News also named Izzadeen as the London attacker and later reported their doubts about Izzadeen being the correct attacker. Simon Israel updated the station’s viewers about their doubts about Izzadeen being the attacker. Abu’s attorney refuted claims that Izzadeen could be the Westminster and Parliament attacker since the lawyer confirmed Abu is still in jail. Izzadeen’s brother also confirmed that Abu was still in jail, and therefore could not be the attacker that claimed lives on Wednesday, March 22.

Trevor was a former BT electrician and called a “career criminal” before changing his name to Abu Izzadeen and converting to Islam as a 17-year-old. Izzadeen began his two-year jail sentence in January 2016. Abu was charged with not adhering to the Terrorism Act when he left the U.K. in an illegal manner. Omar Bakri Mohammed and Abu Hamza are credited with turning Izzadeen into a radical person at Finsbury Park Mosque.


As seen in the top photo above from Wednesday, September 20, 2006, Abu Izzadeen interrupted John Reid as Reid spoke to an audience of Muslims in East London that day. The British Home Secretary dealt with protesters like Abu as Reid told Muslim parents in attendance to make sure to keep a close eye on their progeny to make sure they did not display signs of extremism. Reid was called an “enemy of Islam and Muslims” by a man during the speech.

Meanwhile, the confusion over Izzadeen being called the attacked incorrectly in the Westminster and Parliament incidents on Wednesday has caused a wide array of responses to flow into social media about Abu. Some of those comments can be read below.

“So Trevor Brooks aka not suspect in London attack? Solicitor has confirmed he still in jail

: “Haha Jesus, should imagine Abu Izzadeen is rubbing his hands together getting ready to sue for libel, from his jail cell.

: “ Despite him being in jail! Humiliation for

guilty of fake news Get your facts right first

: “Question: How’d do it from his jail cell?

: “Attention screws: please check Trevor’s cell – I think the lump under the blankets are a couple of pillows

: “Sometimes, Robin, being certain is merely being wrong at the top of your voice.” – Batman

: “ can barely contain its glee at clanger.”

[Featured Image by Johnny Green/AP Images]