Josh And Anna Duggar Getting Spin-Off Show? Sources Claim Josh ‘Misses TV’

It’s been a while since the cancellation of 19 Kids and Counting, and rumors are suggesting that another Duggar spin-off may be following in the footsteps of Jill and Jessa: Counting On. And this spin-off may feature none other than the controversial Josh Duggar and his wife Anna.

The new rumors come days after Josh and Anna Duggar broke the news that they are expecting their fifth child, which the Inquisitr had noted was a rather unlikely public statement from Josh, who had admitted in 2015 to several acts of sexual misconduct. He was also allegedly among the millions of Ashley Madison users whose information was leaked out in the extramarital dating site’s infamous 2015 hack.

These admissions and allegations have caused tension within the Duggars, and while some of the reality TV family’s siblings have publicly been supportive in the past, Josh’s brothers and sisters have mostly been silent with regards to the new pregnancy announcement, the Inquisitr wrote. This comparative radio silence was also pointed out as a sharp contrast to how the Duggars typically react to positive news, even something as simple as a sibling dating someone for the first time, with effusive congratulations.

That said, the Duggars did post a brief and simple congratulatory statement on their official Facebook page, albeit one that didn’t come with any photos or videos like they usually do.

“Such a sweet announcement from Josh and Anna, our entire family looks forward to this sweet new blessing.”


With Josh and Anna Duggar expecting their fifth child, reports now suggest that the often-embattled Duggar couple will be getting a spin-off reality television show, not unlike Jill and Jessa: Counting On. According to Naughty Gossip’s sources, the show will follow Josh, Anna, and their children, and for Josh in particular, the show is particularly good news, as he’s been “missing” being on TV and enjoying the spoils of reality stardom since the cancellation of 19 and Counting.

“The couple are getting a spin off show that will follow them and the family. Josh has missed being on TV and getting TV money since his scandal. He is thrilled to get back on TV and is happy because he didn’t want to get a real job. Once you get money from a reality show it is hard to go back to being a normal person.”

The above rumor has yet to be confirmed by either Josh or Anna Duggar, Josh’s parents Jim Bob and Michelle, or his siblings. But in what could be a related note, Refinery29 pointed out an interesting observation the publication discovered on the Duggar “Family Scrapbook” – Josh, unlike most of his fellow family members, doesn’t have any “Future Plans” listed in his scrapbook entry.

“He’s been quiet lately, following his multiple, disturbing scandals. I guess he should have no real future plans (although he is, last we heard, still with his wife, with whom he has four children).”


Given the whispers of a new Duggar spin-off with Josh and Anna as the main stars, this could be Josh’s way of playing his cards close to his chest, though Refinery29 speculated that it may also be a sign of continued tension between Josh and his family.

“Is this something he wrote himself? Or, did his parents go in and edit this after all the sh*t hit the fan? Are they trying to distance their son from the family’s future? Could the family blogger has a sense of humor?”

What are your expectations for a potential Duggar spin-off starring Josh, Anna, and their children? Any thoughts on the Duggar family’s reaction, or lack thereof, toward the couple’s pregnancy announcement? We hope to hear from you in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Josh Duggar/Twitter]