Who Is Casey Anthony? 5 Things You Didn’t Know

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably come across the name Casey Anthony – the woman notoriously famous for the Casey Anthony trial of 2011, in which Anthony was accused of murdering her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony.

Since the trial, Anthony has become somewhat of an icon, with some going as far as dubbing her the female O.J. Simpson (in addition to “the most hated mom in America.”) In fact, in a recent interview with the Associated Press, Anthony said she feels a kinship with O.J. Simpson.

Who is Casey Anthony
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In her first on-the-record interview since the case, Anthony says that “there are a lot of parallels” between the two cases, both of which ended with acquittals.

“I can empathize with his situation,” Anthony told the Associated Press, noting that she’s become somewhat “fascinated” with the case.

Anthony also spoke about her 31st birthday (March 19) in the interview, saying that she plans to go skydiving.

Fast Facts About Casey Anthony

In 2011, the court released 447 pages of deposition by two psychiatrists who interviewed Anthony to determine whether or not she was competent for the trial. Here’s a few of the details:

  1. She has three tattoos

Anthony has three tattoos – a shamrock, three cherry blossoms, and “La Bella Vita.”

Anthony reportedly had “La Bella Vita” (Italian for “the beautiful life”) tattooed on her left shoulder on July 3, 2008 – shortly after her daughter went missing. At the time, the public scrutinized Anthony for the tattoo, assuming the expression stood for her newfound freedom without a child. Anthony, however, told psychiatrist Dr. William Weitz that wasn’t the case.

“You talk about the beauty in life, but if you look at it backwards it creates an irony in terms of how my life has turned out,” Weitz recalled Anthony telling him. “There was an ironic shift, a sudden shift in the course of her whole life,” Weitz told ABC News.

  1. She loved three men

According to Weitz, Anthony only loved three people in her life – Jesse Grund, Ryan Paisley, and Keith Drew Piersky.

“She always had a man in her life, I think, for protection and security, more emotional,” Weitz said.

“My thinking was that she was always had a male replacement, a boyfriend, when she ended a relationship.”

  1. She put a lot of thought into Caylee’s name

“She wanted to name [the baby] after herself with a similar meaning. She said she wanted to give it…the Irish lineage,” Weitz said.

“She said she considered Riley, but she had passed on that because she still wanted to have the CMA initials. Of course, her mother has it and she has it…and she wanted to pass it on to her daughter.”

  1. Her friends apparently called her “mom”

Anthony claimed that her “maternal instincts” extended to her friends.

“Her friends called her ‘Mom.’ She was the one who got everybody home,” psychiatrist Jeff Danziger told ABC News.

“[She] didn’t smoke cigarettes and didn’t like friends to smoke around the child.”

  1. She won a citizenship award (in school)

Anthony played volleyball, soccer, and ran track in high school and her favorite subjects were physical education and math.

“She was an excellent student for most of the time, and she was multiskilled in both academic and sports and very well liked,” Weitz said.

Anthony reportedly won an award for “best helper” in school, in addition to another for exemplary citizenship.

“She’s liked by her school teachers, principals and peers. She wins the citizenship awards. She wins Junior Achievement awards,” Weitz said.

“Basically, there is no history of violence, aggression, any commitment of any behavior that would be antithetical to rules and regulations of schools, of churches, of the legal system.”

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