Donald Trump Approval Rating Crash Continues: 60-Day Mark Half Of Jimmy Carter's

Donald Trump continues to suffer record low approval ratings, according to a new Gallup poll released on Saturday. In fact, Trump's approval rating after about 60 days in the Oval Office sits lower than any president in history since approval rating polls began during the term of President Harry Truman, and Trump is the first president to be hit with approval ratings under 50 percent during that time period, according to data compiled by the Gallup organization.

Out of the most recent 10 presidential approval rating polls compiled by the Huffington Post polling aggregator site, only one has shown Trump with a positive approval rating. That was a Politico/Morning Consult poll, which uses an internet-based polling method, and placed Trump at 52 percent approval compared to 43 percent disapproval.

But the Morning Consult survey is far out of line with other polls in the same period, all of which see Trump at below 50 percent approval, with at least two showing Trump below 40 percent, a truly dismal performance.

One of those is the Gallup poll, which in its daily tracking poll released on Saturday puts Trump at a disastrous 37 percent approval rating, against 58 percent who say they disapprove of Trump's performance on the job after 58 days.

Compared to past presidents at the same point in their terms, Trump's approval ratings look even worse. In fact, his 37 percent rating is less than half the 75 percent approval rating enjoyed by President Jimmy Carter on March 20, 1977, the 60th day of his term, according to Gallup historical data.

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President Jimmy Carter (pictured) enjoyed an approval rating more than twice as high as Donald Trump's at the same point in term. [Image by Central Press/Getty Images]

The president with the previous lowest 60-day approval rating in the Gallup poll was President Bill Clinton. But even Clinton enjoyed a comfortable approval rating above 50 percent — meaning more than half of Americans approved of his job performance — after 60 days. Clinton sat at 53 percent, still 16 points better than Trump's approval rating now.

Other than the Morning Consult poll, only one other approval rating poll has shown Trump at over 50 percent approval on a consistent basis — and even that poll has collapsed for Trump.

From the day of Trump's inauguration on January 20 until March 7, the Rasmussen Reports daily tracking poll showed Trump with an approval rating of at least 50 percent and ranging as high as 59 percent on January 26, the end of his first week in office.

But on March 8, even Rasmussen showed Trump dropping to 49 percent, and he has stayed below 50 percent on each day since, according to Rasmussen, hitting a low of 45 percent on Wednesday, March 15. Trump bounced back slightly over the following days finishing the week at 48 percent, but has yet to get back over the 50 percent threshold in the poll that has perhaps been the most favorable toward his job performance.

Donald Trump polls, Donald Trump approval rating, lowest presidential approval ratings, Rasmussen poll, Gallup poll, Donald Trump approval today
Bill Clinton, the president with the lowest approval rating after 60 days other than Donald Trump, still rated 53 percent at that point. [Image By Pool/Getty Images]

Even Fox News, the news network often cited by Trump as his favorite news source, bore discouraging news for Trump in a mod-week presidential approval rating poll. In a Wednesday Fox News survey, Trump was hit with 51 percent disapproval and only 43 percent approval.

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The poll showed a month-on-month drop of five percentage points for Trump in the approval rating index, though asked specifically about Trump's performance with regard to the economy, Trump did slightly better with the Fox News poll respondents, as 47 percent said they approved of his work on economic issues.

Overall, however, Trump appears to have spawned an era of extreme pessimism, with 54 percent in the Fox News poll saying that they believe the world is "going to hell in a handbasket."

[Featured Image By Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]