Bill O’Reilly Lashes Back At Pal Jon Stewart, Defends ‘Traditional America’ Comments [Video]

Commentary | Bill O’Reilly and Jon Stewart have been trading barbs about Mitt Romney’s race-based assessment of his stunning 2012 election defeat, and, despite their friendly pre-election tete-a-tete, Stewart and O’Reilly are not afraid of engaging in a full-on segment war over conflicting ideology.

Bill O’Reilly has stood firm on his support for Romney’s assertion that President Obama essentially “bought” the votes of minorities and females via “generous gifts,” ostensibly food stamps or Medicaid for the former and “free” birth control for the latter — playing into harmful stereotypes that black and Hispanic voters don’t want to work and female voters are scarlet women who care only for candidates that will enable their sinful, consequence-free sexual conquests.

Jon Stewart has hit back numerous times on The Daily Show, most hilariously in a segment in which he opens a “gift bag” from the Obama campaign that contains a massive “bag of weed,” a knitted “food stamp cozy,” and a contraception variety pack among other harbingers of liberal, America-destroying values.

O’Reilly has been digging in his heels after Stewart’s critique, saying the “gifts” allegation is “stone cold fact” and that there is a a culture war still brewing. And last night, the Fox News pundit again reiterated his belief that minority voters are incapable of voting without a bribe, pontificating:

“If you look at the exit polling, you’ll see that a coalition of voters put the President back into the oval office. That coalition was non-tradition, which means it veered away from things like traditional marriage, robust capitalism, and self reliance. Instead, each constituency that voted for the President — whether it be single women, Hispanic Americans, African Americans, whatever — had very specific reasons for doing so.”

bill oreilly racist gifts comment

O’Reilly continues:

“Traditional American voters generally want a smaller government in Washington, more local control, some oversight on abortion, and believe in American exceptionalism.”

Watch Bill O’Reilly’s latest attack on Jon Stewart and the decline of “traditional America” below.