Jon Stewart Slams Bill O’Reilly Over ‘Traditional America’ [Video]

“Traditional America” has become something of a GOP buzz-word since the 2012 election, and like its predecessor (the odious “traditional marriage”) it’s largely being mocked my left-leaning politicians and pundits. Case in point, Jon Stewart took a moment to make fun of debate sparring partner Bill O’Reilly over his use of the term on an episode of The Daily Show.

Bill O’Reilly, host of the popular Fox News program The O’Reilly Factor has turned himself into the poster-child for the loss of “traditional America,” addressing the sway in the electorate evidenced by the 2012 election nearly every night in his prime-time program.

The idea is simple. The electorate that turned out on Election Day to re-elect President Barack Obama represent a new majority in the country that “wants stuff” and Obama is the guy who will “give them stuff.” This brings in a new era of entitlement, and sets aside what are considered by some to be “traditional” values of this country, based on free markets and working your way to the top of the food chain without assistance.

Obviously, these ideas are controversial. But we’re not here to take a stance, we’re here to show you how the pundits are handling this concept.

Jon Stewart dedicated a segment of his program The Daily Show to mock O’Reilly for his “traditional America” comments and perspective, marking the latest chapter in a philosophical feud between the two (even though they continually admit that they’re quite fond of each other).

You can watch Stewart’s dress-down of Bill O’Reilly regarding “traditional America” below, but let us know what you think. Did President Obama’s re-election herald the death of “traditional America” or will be usher in a new era of prosperity and equality for all? Sound off!

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