Deer Attacks A Texas Man And Then Steals His Cigarettes

WhiteHouse, TX – A deer attacked a pair of Texas men and then proceeded to steal cigarettes from one of the guys. Joseph Rose and Cole Kellis found out how strongly some deer feel about smoking when the encountered a young buck in the front yard.

The deer appeared friendly at first, so Rose gently approached the wild animal, according to KETK-TV. The man apparently severely misjudged the demeanor or the deer, which charged the men and then attacked. The pair ran as fast as their legs would carry them to Rose’s pick-up truck, but they were not moving as fast as the wild deer.

The deer reportedly poked Rose in the ribs with his antlers, forcing the man to jump into the back of the pick-up to reach safety. While the Texan was now out of range of the wild deer, he apparently lost his cigarettes in the process.

Rose had this to say about his chance encounter with a deer in his own yard:

“The deer climbed up into the truck cab, put his front paws on my seat and got my pack of cigarettes and started chewing on them.”

After chomping on the nicotine, the deer allegedly got more aggressive. Kellis and Rose called both the local game warden and the police department for help. Even after a stun gun was used on the deer, it still took five grown men to restrain the tobacco-loving buck, according to the Huffington Post.

Smith County Game Warden Dustin Dockery had this to say about the deer attack:

“Admire deer from a distance, but do not approach them because they can be dangerous.”